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  1. For the translator, deepl is a good one. I've used it for technical documentation and it is quite good with grammar and contexts https://www.deepl.com/fr/translator
  2. I think is normal, when you set the reference (set) altitude, you have a visual indication of you position between this reference, and the reference bar (100m) as the name say is a reference of 100m and it help you for visualy scaling the set altitude.
  3. Do you think the MCG Pro will have the same modularity than the Ultimate, for the button?
  4. Same for me after some acrobatics
  5. I don't know.... I was flying back after my mission at 4km with the hojd pa. I was at 100km from the base. When I switch to landing nav to fly to the landing circle it switch to 500m for the reference alt. And when I go back to nav I cannot set again my reference altitude I forgot the HOJD.
  6. When you go on landing nav the reference alt is 500m but after that when you go back on Nav mode the reference button is unusable and you can't set a new reference altitude.
  7. Radar fix precision depend of your scale, try with different scales. A pixel doesn't have the same wide in 15km scale and in 120km scale. On the second screen the ship is not in the center of the circle, maybe a bad fix. And try with the vertical fix.
  8. This depend of your fix. Do you perform a visual or a radar fix?
  9. Thanks a lot for your respond, And do you think you Can Ask to the devellopers to have the consomption curves and codes of their own module ? For example the fuel logic of the Viggen .
  10. Hi Viper. Thanks for this soft! I have two questions : -Does combatflit compute turn radius (in accordance of the speedy I choose to fly) when I prepare a low level navigation. - Does combatflit compute fuel between each waypoints in accordance of aircraft speedy ans fuel comsumption ?
  11. Hi devrim, As you can see in the first photo i'd tried to put french label on your english one, for that step i've deleted the english test piant the etxture to mask the delete zone and put frnch label on it. It create a new txt file for a french cockpit. But when I put my texture on DCS there is on my text the old one(english). I try with the sweedish one but it didn't work. So my question is how you create and translate a cockpit?
  12. Hi Devrim, I'm working on a french translation of the cockpit. But I have a problem with the swith label, my french label is on the defaut label. I don't understand why because i'had removed it. It work fine with the gauge, annonciator panel and things like the oxygen lever.
  13. I use GIMP too, but I dont know LaTeX, is it for what kind of work?
  14. Hi funkyfrany, Can i use your work to make a french version ?
  15. Thanks for the reply, I learn some things about the Viggen (for exemple the landing at alpha 10°, use of AFK) But unfortunately I don't speak Swedish (I'm french). I learn a lot of the Viggen with the manual but there is not the operational use of the aircraft. Just to speak about me, I worked in the FAF as a flight simulator instructor and I learn that is a huge difference between that is written in the manual, that you understand and the operational use of the airplane. This is why there is still instructor on airplane.:smilewink: This is why in want to have this feedback of people which have work with this plane, to share their experiences. And is it more easier to share, I think, because of the retirement of the plane. But I understand that they can't speak about some things (procedure for example) because there is still the secret protection.
  16. Hello everybody, There is on this forum, real Viggen pilots, who want to share their experience about Viggen and DCS module. Do you have any tips or procedure you can share. If there do you have any channel or video? If there is any other person who work with the Viggen you're words and story is also greatly welcome to share your experiences, stories and tips. Thankfully Guillaume
  17. I find a solution for the color of the letters, I had modified the color in red in the font_ajs37.tga file in Eagle Dynamics\DCS World OpenBeta\Mods\aircraft\AJS37\Cockpit\resources\IndicationTextures. I work for the U point and M point. As you can see the second M is used for reconnaissance target the first is for system target. I tried it on the S letter but the system use the same letter for t/o airfield LS and the tracking target S1, it use the 4th one. I dont understand why because there is 4 S letters. I find also that the system use the second M instead of the R letter. There is maybe a problem of coding in the font_ajs37.txt file.
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