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  1. I always only seem to get E2 or E3 and in some servers with AI fighters I have seen those a few times also. I basically never see other real player radars, and this is when I am a client.
  2. So when I test this in my game the VCR and ADF knobs can indeed be pulled out and pushed in. Knobs that have this functionality can't be mouse clicked and dragged. None of the top comm panel radio volume knobs can be mouse clicked and dragged for me either because they instead are pulled with right click and pushed back in with left click. Perhaps ED can do something to make these switch types function with click and drag but this is currently how these work.
  3. Can't these knobs be pulled and pushed with right and left click? You can't drag the ones that can because the right click pulls and the left click pushes.
  4. No the laser stops at 9999m, that is the issue.
  5. Yeah it was fixed in the sense that a mission made in the ME with all SAMs pre loaded would no longer appear on MFDs or ABRIS (at least back when I tested it after the initial fix). However in a server that uses triggers or scripts to load units into a mission dynamically the option does not work even when the flag for hidden on MFD is on. Now that the Apache has threat rings and preloads radar equipped SAMS we get 8+ wonderful pages of targets automatically preloaded into the coords page on DDCS just like the KA50. Well maybe not quite as OP as the KA50. The KA50 will show not only SAMS or AAA systems with radars like the Apache but it will also show MANPADS, Avengers, Linebackers, ZU23 equipped vehicles like the new technicals or any other non radar system. The only one I noticed that didn't appear on ABRIS is the Flak 88 so I guess that is the defacto KA50 killer. This is a bigger issue than just knowing where the enemy anti aircraft systems are, it also allows you to find hidden convoys if someone built anti aircraft units to defend that convoy. You can just use the ABRIS cursor and info button to get the exact location of any (except the Flak 88) anti aircraft unit and then send a JSOW or SLAM-ER at it, or give the coords to a friend for termination. Basically there is no need for reconnaissance in these PVP servers anymore, just hop in a KA50 for like 5 minutes and turn the ABRIS on.
  6. It would be nice to be able to designate for someones else's weapons or LST outside of the 9999m software limit.
  7. Do you mean the dcs.log-long-number.zip? looks like I have 2 of those from around the time of the crash.
  8. Selecting a coord as ACQ source sometimes immediately crashes the game. I have had this happen several times over the last few days and twice tonight. The first time it happened tonight I had used the TADS to mark a point on the ground as T01 while in another players Apache. The intent was to shoot at a target marked by JTAC smoke and a laser so I dropped the target point on the smoke and set the Hellfire to Hi LOAL. Then the second I went to the coords page and selected T01 as my ACQ source the game locked up and eventually crashed. The second time I had this happen tonight was about 10 minutes ago. I was in a solo Apache landed on the ground. I got a friendly MGRS grid and entered it into the aircraft via the point page. I then setup the Hellfire for a Hi LOAL shot since my friend was going to lase the target for me. Again the very second I went to the coords page and selected the point as my ACQ source the game crashed. Unfortunately I don't have a track file for this as both times it was well past an hour into a multiplayer session and tracks never survive missions this long or full of units (I actually disable track writing when in MP to save HDD space).
  9. Yeah this option does not sync between the 2 cockpits which is very unfortunate since it also likes to turn itself on when in MC automatically. Trying to untick this option for your pilot as he attempts to regain control is useless and only causes a desync between the two cockpits.
  10. This is the same bug I and everyone has in the Mi24. The way to work around this is to join your friends aircraft and spawn in. Then go back to spectators and rejoin your friends aircraft again. You will now have working NVGs. I do this every time I join someones Mi24 or Apache and it is 100% reproducible in MP.
  11. If you want you can turn LMC on and not slew it and it becomes ground stabilized. I usually let the reticle drift over the target and then enable it. Works well for static targets and allows the pilot to maneuver. I'm not sure if LMC is supposed to work this way in real life but in DCS it does.
  12. So the issue appears to be that the human CPG only sees AI radars. Playing on another server with AI other than E2 allowed me to get RWR warnings from AI fighters. Player flow aircraft however don't seem to trigger the RWR for the CPG though.
  13. This happens in MP with units that are dynamically spawned I can't provide a track. A track from the server I play in would be to big to upload to the forums and likely not work. The work around is to disconnect and then reconnect to the server and all the units that were bugged should be fixed. However any new units spawned while you are connected can become bugged.
  14. The AI can eject and it does what all DCS mods do, it spits out a generic pilot model. No new models required. It would be nice if every mod actually ejected their nice high detail pilot models, but DCS in general does not do that.
  15. We have had the 30% for a long time now. It does not really help with the issues I mentioned above. Even at 100% you can do the zoom meta thing, but it becomes harder. Honestly it would be better if unit rendering inside trees was culled until the trees render. In other words, if the unit is inside a forest you should not be able to see that unit when you zoom out and your trees disappear. Instead the unit inside the trees should also disappear until the trees load in.
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