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  1. Steam version i try and join a mp server i click the server click the join button does nothing if i double click a server in the list the screen will quickly show the loading screen for like 2 frames
  2. exact same issue i got a 295x2 and runs at 60fps anyway but when i enable crossfire i will get up to 150 fps and then it will drop to <20 fps then stutter a bunch go back to 150 fps then back down very annoying since if crossfire worked perfect i could run it on complete full at 4K
  3. ill download those drivers im running the 15.9.1 i dont have have the crossfire in performance bar i made a profile linked to the dcs .exe and played around with the crossfire profiles
  4. it works i can see it uses 100% of both gpus but when i enable crossfire i get terrible stutters every 5 seconds or so, if disable it it runs smooth again weird do you mind sharing your settings?
  5. i have a 295x2 as well did u set up any crossfire profile? i put on AFR mode and got 140 fps but it flashes
  6. issue is game isnt going into a propper full screen press left alt + enter to fix this
  7. this is what i want crossfire support will see if it works when ive downloaded it
  8. they are the same clearly the one of the right is in shade
  9. mp3police


    welp im out then id like it all in steami guess ill wait
  10. i honestly hope to have it on steam i got every other module running through steam it just makes it alot easier for me as someone who uses steam alot
  11. thankyou sooo much i did to a search on this forum but there were soo many unrelated posts
  12. i got the BS 1 and 2 on steam i know in bs2 there are videos but the audio and video sync are completely different and makes it impossible to watch i read that bs1 had an interactive tutorial but when i load the game there is nothing in the tutorial section and when you click download it takes you to an empty page on the ed site id love to learn the bs but find switching windows from a youtube video and such makes it near impossible
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