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  1. TurboRUSH Blue F-16 (A2G & SEAD)
  2. +1. Really appreciate the fantastic work from the ED team. To think how much DCS has grown since I started playing DCS almost 6 years ago. Just amazing what we have now. Keep up the great work!
  3. Great! Please ignore my previous post about withdrawing from the event.
  4. I'm going to withdraw. Have to be out-of-town Saturday.
  5. TurboRUSH Lonewolf USA Ping: 150ms 1. F-16 (Blue) 2. JF-17 (Red) 3. M2000 (Red)
  6. I have to do some work on my airplane tomorrow and also have to go to a warehouse 2 hours away to get some parts. Please remove me from the roster. Thanks.
  7. TurboRUSH - Any Side to balance things out F-16 or M2000
  8. Unfortunately, I will have to withdraw from the tournament. I will not be available on the weekend of 19th and my DCS time has dwindled to zero lately. Please remove: TurboRUSH 1v1 F-15C
  9. Sorry but I have to withdraw from the event. I will be out-of-town on Saturday. TurboRUSH BF-109K4
  10. Sorry. I too have to withdraw from the event. TurboRUSH - F/A-18C
  11. Blue team, We need to get together before the event for some planning. 104th Discord this Sunday around 1600Z?
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