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  1. Just picked this up - load into first mission and get 40fps on the deck. I usually get 60-70. Is performance going to be an ongoing issue in this campaign, or just this area?
  2. It's not launching in EA with FCR though, right?
  3. Gotta say this is a very exciting evolution of VR technology. I'm tempted to splash out, but know that we'll see similar tech used in consumer-priced HMDs in the next couple of years. Imagine if we could have this kind of clarity, with a larger FOV, AND DCS fps equal to the HMD's refresh rate? I reckon that's doable within the next decade.
  4. I wonder if the creators of this tool could build a simple website to share profiles? I'm currently setting up the F/A-18, and would like to know the best settings. Searching through 7000+ posts is not a very efficient way of doing so!
  5. What FPS are you running at, and do you lock it so that reprojection is on?
  6. I'm referring to the in-game tutes, the ones which actually show you in realtime how the airframe works. In comparison, the Harrier looks like it explains everything there. The Hornet not only fails to explain the majority of the aircraft systems, but the tutes that are there are often broken. It's a pretty dismal state of affairs for new players.
  7. Glad to hear you got it to a point that you are happy with. Alas I have not, so my G2 is merely taking up shelf space at the moment, and is occasionally dusted off when friends come over. I'm hoping I find the DCS VR helo experience more to my liking though, am going to give it a shot soon.
  8. Thanks guys - quick question, is the Hind very demanding in VR? I actually have her already, but haven't tried it in VR. I know the Tomcat is much more demanding than the Hornet - I'm wondering if the same is true of various helos?
  9. You poor bastard. It's stories like this which are why I generally offer a counter-perspective when I see a "DCS VR is perfect! It runs amazingly smooth! If you can't get it to run well, it's your hardware/software/ineptitude at setting it up". Some people find DCS VR fantastic. Others do not. That's why my advice is always try before you buy. I wish I had - I have an AU$1100 Reverb G2 sitting here gathering dust because of people claiming DCS VR is perfect.
  10. Check out the Hornet then. About 80% of its avionics aren't explained in the tutes.
  11. Hmm, so it appears opinions are mixed. I guess I'll just have to jump through the hoops to set up my G2 again and try it for myself once the Apache module comes out.
  12. I'm not a big fan of DCS VR in the fast jets due to the performance issues. However, I was wondering whether there is much of a difference in the perception of reprojection effects when flying choppers? Are they less noticeable because you're flying low and slow, and much less likely to get into close range with fast-travelling adversaries, as seen during the merge? I find the blurring/ghosting in these moments really puts me off VR, but I'm hoping that won't be the case with the Apache. Anyone here got experience in VR with choppers vs fast-movers?
  13. You won't be able to run your G2 at native res if you want a lower frametime. Start at 60%, and work your way up.
  14. Ah, the old "something is wrong with your PC" chestnut. This leads to so many people wasting days on "tweaking" their systems when nothing is wrong with them. I personally have worked in the PC building and overclocking industry for about two decades, and my existing PC is in the top 0.1% of all VR systems on the planet, according to a variety of online-validated benchmarks. It's actually not that hard to build and maintain a PC these days - the issue isn't that people have screwed up systems, it's that the experience of VR is extremely subjective. What looks perfect to one simmer may look terrible to another. FPS numbers do matter - because it's the only objective way of measuring the experience. Again, for some people 45fps or lower feels like "a completely fluid" experience. For me it feels like a stuttering mess. I'm not saying your opinion doesn't matter, and that you're wrong to enjoy VR. I'm just saying that folks need to be aware that the VR experience is extremely personal, and to be wary of spending money or time chasing an experience that they may never find.
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