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  1. I have a vague recollection that before Deka become a 3rd party and first introduced their Chinese asset pack, they were infact a mod team making J10 and JF17 mods. If so, then I suppose the answer to OP's question is a soft yes.
  2. EDIT: Someone answered this question, the Viggen uses a difference ILS system than the aerodrome (The TILS), so when the ILS truck for the viggen was destroyed, it lost all readings, and so its not related to the airfield directly.
  3. Link to my Harrier maverick tutorial, not as detailed as Redkite's (2017 video) but has all the updated buttons and keys to launch the AGM65 maverick as of Nov 2019.
  4. A short guide on how to aim, lock and fire laser guided weapons, such as the S25L, KH25ML and KH29L in the SU25A.
  5. n8d0g


    I dont doubt this, but could you point to me where this is listed/written? Just so if anyone in my DCS circle asks I can point it out.
  6. I wonder if the original dev team would be kind enough to release it as-is for private use, even just the external model would probably make a lot of people happy.
  7. I wonder if the arrival of 2.5 has set the project back? I have no idea what the update actually does in terms of mods.
  8. n8d0g

    Community A-4E

    This may have been asked before, but will the A4E be carrier capable? I was thinking in context of the carrier that (i believe) is bundled with the F14. Not sure how the technical side of it interacts, perhaps its too early. But I was curious if this is an unknown or known quantity at this point.
  9. Obligatory message to see if the mod is still alive. Hope all is going well!
  10. You almost make it sound like a disability.
  11. n8d0g

    Community A-4E

    If you go back to look at the first few original updates in 2016 and Gospadins videos on youtube, you'll realise this project was not basic from the start and the team had very clearly set a very high bar for themselves. The same goes to the Buccaneer and Tu22 Troika mod, where in reality despite being called a 'mod' are almost as good as the full modules in terms of detail. Of course they might not be as flash as the full mods by studios, its close.
  12. I find this scenario quite unlikely; in my two decades of gaming I have never heard this occur which I suspect are due to legal reasons. My father runs a car club as a registered charity and it's a lot of paperwork. Also, the Pandora's box that is paid mods may put a lot of people off.
  13. n8d0g

    Community A-4E

    This was discussed earlier on, I think perhaps in the original thread, and it was decided that they would not. Cant remember why.
  14. This makes me feel less hopeful. I have my doubts that ED will negotiate with BAE for something that is free. That seems very....non-corporate. I hope to be wrong, but its not often licensing rights are given away for free.
  15. I'll be happy with a new skin, the old one is very very dated even by BMS standards. I'm extra happy because it will look much better for video making and stuff for my channel.
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