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  1. What a hell of a ride! Thank you so much Reflected. As much as I enjoyed your Zone 5, it really teaches you a lot. I loved the whole 80's approach in FTB. And my compliments to all the voice actors. It gives it so much more passion and character. Looking forward to more F14 campaings from you.
  2. Hi Sandman, I wanted to thank you for your campaing. As said before the way the story unfolds is very nice. The music is also a great add on. So keep up the good work. Looking forward to more.
  3. Hi SorelRo What a joy, mission 4 here and loving every minute of it. I hope you gonna make more campaings. Keep up the good work. @Sirchuzzalot, follow your orders like a good Russian pilot and it will work, go lower then the mentiond 10.000 meters and you fail. Make sure you fly to the mentiond wp1 thats passed the airfield. there you get your second set of orders. Good luck.
  4. Well still waiting in high spirits here SorelRo. In the mean time thx for your hard work.
  5. Hi Angrymancunian, Has your mate a anti virus protection program running? Mine doesn't like the sounds belonging to CTS and puts them in quarantaine. I have to put them on a white list to keep them out of harms way. Good luck
  6. Hi Rel4y, Great to hear you have had a speedy recovery. Keep up the great work. I'm awaiting news on your force sensor mode Cheers, Ad
  7. Thx Lace, looking forward in flying it.
  8. Hi Mudspike, I am using the same combo as you are planning to use. I can tell you it works like a charm. The throttle is setup through Mjoy software and is programmable through DCS or BMS. The hardware install is pretty straight forward and is not that hard. i'm no tech wonder myself. Good luck
  9. Hi Lace, Thx a lot. I think the are great fun.
  10. Hi Lace, Thx for your answer, I tend to take off, circle the airfield until my wingie hooks up and continue from there. I'll fly it again to see what the su-22's are up this time. The warning call came from Awacs.
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