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  1. The AH-64 Apache engine can be started with the battery on without starting the APU. Cheers, Vincent
  2. Hi guys! Question for you, I found out I can start the engine with the battery alone in the DCS AH-64 Apache. I don't know if that is realistic or not? Cheers, Vincent
  3. Hi guys! I think there should be a bitchin' Betty calling out warning and 2 aural sounds when the F-16 stalls! Thanks! Cheers, Vincent
  4. Question for you, what is the rectangular display just above the caution and warning lights in the F-16 Viper called? Cheers, Vincent
  5. @Exorcet, yes I tested the F-16 with all 7 pylons off. The speed at 36,000 feet is about 1,179 knots with 7 pylons on the F-16 or not. Cheers, Vincent
  6. I noticed that when I remove the pylons from the f-16 wings the drag never decreased. I think the pylons weigh about 500 pounds each. One would think with the 7 pylons removed from the f-16 drag will decrease significantly and therefore increase speed. Cheers Vincent
  7. Hi guys! I think the afterburner sound in the game doesn't sound right! I think the afterburner should have a blowtorch sound! Cheers vincent.
  8. Great thanks! Cheers vincent.
  9. Hi guys! I got a feature request: is all the airports in DCS world blue instead of neutral when first entering the mission editor! Thanks! Cheers Vincent.
  10. Hi guys! I got a wishlist for the next update of DCS world: is the option to turn on/off bloom effect so it would be easier on people's eyes! Thanks! Cheers, Vincent
  11. Hi guys! I got a feature request for the next update of dcs world: is the decreasing haze with increasing visibility like for example at the extreme visibility in options setting means very little or no haze! Cheers, . Vincent
  12. What is your monitor settings, maybe I can try it out.
  13. I set the in-game gamma to 1.8 it is still too bright! Now what?
  14. I have clear skies, no clouds, and 8:00 in the morning
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