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  1. What I've been doing is reading the briefing of the mission to get an idea of what weapons i will be taking and then brushing up with some quick training before completing the mission. With so little time to fly (2-4 hours/week), it can take a whole week to get a mission completed but it gets the job done since i can't stay sharp on everything the Hornet can do lately.
  2. I started seeing this with the most recent update also. Didn't have this issue before until now.
  3. I had this problem with the A10 also and it was because i had the "synchronise controls at mission start up" enabled. Using TM Warthog Hotas and Saitek pedals
  4. If its possible to do in real life then it should be possible in game. We've become accustomed to low-intensity warfare (especially regarding air combat). Warfare with a near-peer opponent would be very different. DCS can, and should, be used to simulate all types of combat.
  5. Just received mine and installed it. I gotta say, Grade A piece of work and the installation was simple and well explained. Many thanks for this.
  6. I think this is a great idea and one of the nice things about DCS.
  7. Yup I'm having this issue also. Really hoping this doesnt take long to fix as its pretty severe.
  8. I have a similar problem with mine where if i want to coolie-left long it ends up executing a quick series of coolie-left short instead (3-4 times). Coolie-right long has no problems. Dont want to hijack the thread or anything but just found it interesting that someone else is also having a problem with coolie-left long on the TM Warthog.
  9. Funny enough, i was just thinking about this yesterday and was going to make a thread. Any info about voice comms would be appreciated.
  10. Originally in the DCS F18 the outer ring was used for critical threats which is not correct. At some point, Im not sure when, ED changed it to the inner ring being for critical threats. Interesting, I didnt know the real ALR-67 went through the same changes also.
  11. Where can 2.8 be downloaded? The links in the first post are pointing to 2.7 Great campaign by the way, just getting started and already loving it!
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