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  1. Stunning! Will you be releasing the template maybe also?
  2. Hey Rick! is this skin still available somewhere? Seems to be missing from the user files.....
  3. Loving the skins!! Absolutely fantastic and thank you for the effort to make those
  4. Looking good! Sorry to nitpick, but I think the reg. numbers on the nacelles should be bigger
  5. No sweats Looking damn fine!!! This will be an awesome package once released and I really like the individual scheme per reg. number approach
  6. Excellent skins! May I just add my suggestion...maybe town down the wear and tear, the NVA/LSK MiGs were well taken care of and appear rather clean on the photos. A bit of dirt and wear is a must, just toned down a bit...
  7. Would it be possible to add some Viggen period correct ground equipment? Volvo fuel trucks, ASU equipment, follow me motorbikes etc.?
  8. Love your work! It shows you are passion driven so continue the steady work. I'm sure once it's finished, it will be an awesome mod! All the best!
  9. Lada Niva would be perfect! Fond memoies of driving one Plus, it was a common sight in Balkan region regarding military and airports...still is today in fact.
  10. Thank You Sir! Especially for Grebeni island near Dubrovnik
  11. There is a solution for changing water sea opacity by modifying terrain.cfg. The default value was set to 3...try changing it to 45 as the river opacity and go from there
  12. Must agree about the Hind! It is my all time favorite chopper since I was a kid. And seeing one hover above me for the first time at a new pilot cadet ceremony back in the middle/late 90s...i was hooked. It looks intimidating just parked on the field, but when it's airborne...now that's a sight to behold. ED absolutely did an outstanding virtual model and I have been enjoying it since release. The Apache, although very capable and potent, just doesn't have that infamous X factor for me.
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