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  1. Humbly requesting some information on F-14 updates in the forthcoming patch simply to manage expectations. We all know its a major AJS-37 patch, just hoping to hear of any Tomcat details however understandably minor. Thanks again.
  2. possibly a F6F Hellcat, a Uh-60 Blackhawk and Mig-29A seem likely as well as a AH1F Cobra (I'd prefer a W for Gulf War but I digress)....
  3. first day purchase. Thanks for doing it RIGHT.
  4. MiG-25PD seems likely if MiG-29A is green-lit by Russian mod. Its out of service, radar is compromised and not in service and kinematically MiG 31 is different enough no Opsec issues for Russian mod. Lets hope a Mig-25 PD becomes a reality; I think ED will be surprised how well Cold War Warbirds (well that what I'm calling them) will sell with a DCS demographic that really knows its Cold War aviation and wants to re-enact Cold War scenarios given that unlike modern jets almost everything is known about them so its really high-fidelity realistic simulation rather than the I'm guessing the 10% guesswork still required for modern types given opsec concerns. The Falklands map sales will likely show Ed that historical theaters and jets is the future for DCS.
  5. lol phantom that shall not be named...
  6. even with perfect trim to hold sight perfectly centered its straight shit. Lets hope Ataka2 isn't such garbage #70stech
  7. if you look under options in mission editor foe Mi24P there is a checkbox for them, it must simply not be ready yet in Early Access.
  8. Impressive Roadmap, I can see why it took time; by any chance will F-14 traps be improved? I assume yes since future modules will also benefit from this. Impressive Roadmap, thanks again for putting so much effort into it.
  9. Its time to move on to other things. If moderator wants to close this thread, thats fine.
  10. I'm waiting 2 weeks.... Lets see what happens.
  11. Good advise. Lets see who's telling me to be patient when this rolls on to a month lol. See you all in 2 weeks #iexpect2winthisone
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