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  1. I almost missed this thread. Downloading and will view them tonight. Looking good from the screenshots, can't wait to see the tracks. Thanks for uploading them and a big shoutout to the Katana Team.
  2. yes it does, my solution is for AFTER you have done everything you want to your graphics settings. Thats it. So it then allows you to go in to your options screen and make any other changes ( joystick settings, etc) and still have the same graphics you want. Now if you need to change graphics, then adjust them, and redo the copy file in the root folder. :thumbup:
  3. The ping is for a 1 ms delay before starting LockOn. depending on how fast your system is ( mine is quite fast) I found it neccessary to create a 1ms delay or lockOn wouldn't start. It just seemed to hang-up and nothing happened. :smilewink:
  4. I have been using a self-made bat file for over a year now, that pretty much does what Kuky's bat file does (removes trackir. ini, maintaines aspect ratio but using a different method and pauses before starting LockOn.exe). Both the bat file and the protected file ( read-only) methods work to achieve what you want, the nice thing about the bat file is it does the other clean-up items for the trackir as well. Well done guys. :thumbup: I have added my bat file method for those that might be interested below, since it also works on Vista. For this to work your LockOn path must be as follows: "C:\Program Files\Ubisoft\Eagle Dynamics\Lock On\" If not, then edit the bat file with notepad to change it to suit your install path. 1st. Make a copy of your graphics.cfg file and place it in the root of your LockOn Folder (Same as path above). 2nd. Edit this copy of the graphics.cfg file altering your display resolution and aspect ratio to suit what you want from the game. ( this is the one in the root of LockOn folder). 3rd. Copy the below text into notepad and save as "LockOn.txt" file. @echo off Del "C:\Program Files\Ubisoft\Eagle Dynamics\Lock On\Input\trackir.ini" copy graphics.cfg "C:\Program Files\Ubisoft\Eagle Dynamics\Lock On\Config\" ping -n 1 START Lockon.exe EXIT 4th. Rename LockOn.txt to LockOn.bat, and then place this bat file into the root of your LockOn folder (same path as 1st mentioned) next to your edited copy of the graphics.cfg file. 5th. Make a shortcut onto your desktop from the LockOn.bat file ( you can also change the icon for this bat file shortcut to look just like the lockon one). 6th. Press the shortcut you just made on your desktop to the lokcon.bat file and your game will start-up after it has deleted the trackir.ini file and overwrites the graphics.cfg file in your LockOn/config folder. enjoy!
  5. Very nice renders there Yeniceri! It does look very real and fantastic. Now I too and looking forward to this release. Congrats to everyone who has touched this model to get it to where it is.
  6. Very nice work there guys! This model looks fantastic so far from the images provided. Maybe someone can do a couple of very nice 3D rendered images with the model for us? Or if I get a copy of the 3DSmax model I would do it for the community. Thanks for all the effort.:thumbup:
  7. Very nice work there guys! This model looks fantastic so far from the images provided. Maybe someone can do a couple of very nice 3D rendered images with the model for us? Thanks for all the effort.:thumbup:
  8. Excellent work! Kudos to those who participated in the development of this fine A-10 Model. I'm looking forward to running through missions with it one day. Alot of hard work and sacrifice went into making this model, I can only hope you are rewarded for the effort someday...in one form or another. :thumbup:
  9. Excellent action movie! Thanks for sharing it. :thumbup:
  10. I currently have my E6700 core2duo Overclocked to 3.75Ghz (default is 2.66Ghz), but I am using one of these: http://www.ultraproducts.com/product_details.php?cPath=17&pPath=571&productID=571 on it which is a TEC Chiller. Keeps my cpu very cold for OCing. On another system I am using this product: http://www.xoxide.com/coolit-systems-tec-water-cooling.html and it works very well also. The 1st one above works the best as you get no condensation in its cooling process, the lower one works really well, but you do get condensation on the cooling block (over the cpu) and the lines. Both work great, and allow you to get higher overclocks.
  11. Just order it thru the makers, who are naturalpoint. http://www.naturalpoint.com
  12. Excellent mod Teka Teka! :thumbup: Thanks for all of the self-less hard modding work you have done.
  13. It would be nice if the forums control panel would warn or not allow you to post a signature larger than accepted, based upon the rules set forth. :thumbup: I am curious though as to when we might here news with regard to the release date of Black Shark.
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