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  1. Ok, I understand, thanks. So once you switch to COOP and the CPG designates a target, the LOS cross will always show the relative longitudinal distance between your aircraft and the steering cue/I-beam regardless of where you look. Not the most intuitive GUI but I get it!
  2. Thanks! That does track with my experience but I'm still not sure I understand the logic. When in COOP, I can still move my head around and it moves the LOS cursor. If the target is fixed by the CPG, why does aligning the I-beam with the LOS crosshair (which can move anywhere!) produce a good targeting solution? I'm not doubting it does, just not sure I understand the underlying logic.
  3. So I've watched both Cosmo and Wags videos on this and I have got the hang of firing using the P-HMD. I still don't entirely understand COOP mode though. Specifically, what am I supposed to align with the I-Beam when in COOP? I would think it would be the TADS marker (dashed cross) but that seems to produce very poor results. It seems to work better when I align the I-beam with the LOS cross (non-dashed) but that makes little sense since George is doing the designating in COOP and it shouldn't matter where I look.
  4. Having the same "listening suspended" problem with the F-14B. Not using DiCE or other mods and the fixes suggested above do not seem to help. Oddly it seems to work fine with an in air start but not when cold starting. Edit: Can confirm it has something to do with cold starts. Starting from warm on the runway and it works fine. Same mission but change to cold start and I get the "listening suspended" thing even when trying to talk to Jester or ground crew.
  5. So I've been using Liberation for ages but for some reason today when I launched 4.1.1 the map screen in the center was blank. Tried reinstalling 4.1.1, creating a new campaign, and even rolling back to 4.1.0 and nothing works. It launches fine but the map in the center display won't show up. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  6. Ah, that was my problem, thank you! I had assumed I didn't need a target point since I was using Bx8 as the target. When I entered the assumed release point (B3) as a target point (M3) it gave me the countdown as expected. Thanks again!
  7. So I'm at the mission in the campaign where you are supposed to hit the Russian surface ships with RB-15s and use a particular TOT for the missiles (07:13). I've followed the procedure from the manual (and a YouTube video) which is to go into Tid, input, type in the TOT (071300), then Bx and 8. When I go back to output, however, the Tid is blank and I never get a countdown to take off. Confusingly, the notes in the briefing saying to enter the TOT in Takt, which conflicts with the manual. I tried that as well but no luck there either. Anybody have any suggestions for how to get TOT working with the RB-15s?
  8. Yes, I did and I realized that the export profile for AIRIO does contain the new command to use F10 markers to make waypoints but does not contain any of the other new commands. There are four commands listed when I use the exported AIRIO VAP: Radio tune, TACAN tune, F10 map markers, and link tune. I was able to add the F10 map markers command that way but none of the other new ones (like ground stab or commands to switch to RWS/TWS) are in the exported VAP and they don't work in the game.
  9. I've got AIRIO 2.53 installed along with VAICOMPRO 2.5.11. I'm following the instructions to import the new commands from 2.53 but when I export the profile and then go to edit it, the only commands listed are the ones added in 2.52 (Link tune, etc.) and the new ones from 2.53 don't appear. I manually downloaded 2.53 again and deleted old versions of the export file but I can't seem to get the new commands to show so any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  10. So those exports work well but when using multimonitors I find that the Jester wheel gets stretched over out across my displays making it hard to use. Is there a way to configure Jester to only display on the main monitor?
  11. I have no way of judging if it is more realistic or not, but after breaking the muscle memory habits of doing CASE I's under the old flight model, the changes definitively makes it easier to control the aircraft on approach. I don't know if it's just the revised drag numbers of whether they've also tinkered with something else, but the plane now seems much less liable to sink like a stone when banking into the short final and it just generally seems easier to control the rise/sink rate than it used to be.
  12. So I try to practice a Case I ot two every day using the Instant Action mission. I noticed a couple changes right off today: the TACAN is now on 74X (and not 55X) and the ZTOD is now projected on the HUD at mission start. More importantly, it seems like the aircraft handles a little differently at low speeds now. Before, I had to keep the engines at somewhere between 91-95% RPM on the turn into short final to avoid sinking too much and then somewhere around 91% on the final (depending on where I was on the glide slope). After today's patch its SEEMS (and this may just be small sample size or my own error) that the gear down produces less drag (takes longer to slow down after dropping them) and that less power is required to keep up a good descent rate on the turn into final and then the short final. After coming in too high repeatedly, I found that somewhere in the 87-88% rpm was all I needed. Anybody else notice this or am I imagining things?
  13. So I've watched the various videos and read Chuck's guide and I'm getting better at my Case I recoveries, but there's one thing that I'm still not sure about. When I hit 250 kts during the break turn, I drop my gear and put flaps to full. The issue is that as soon as I drop the flaps, the aircraft wants to pitch up hard and start gaining altitude. What's the best way to counter this? If I try to just maintain on speed AoA with pitch trim after dropping flaps, I manage to gain a couple hundred feet on the downwind leg before the speed comes down enough to level out and start dropping, which puts me too high. If I counter the pitch up by reducing throttle I still end up gaining altitude because of the delay between the throttle change and the effect on the aircraft (and as a bonus I usually cut throttle too much and then sink like crazy right after). My most reliable way of dealing with it is just holding the stick down to keep the aircraft pitched level after dropping flaps and waiting for the speed to come down, at which point I can let go of the stick, adjust AoA with pitch trim, and manage altitude with throttle as the various guides suggest. Is this the correct way to deal with the flap-induced pitch up? Or do I just need to get better at managing the throttle?
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