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  1. Hi javitronk, First, please open a new thread for your question, this post only for annoucement.
  2. Salut Ergo, Merci pour ta réponse. J'ai effectivement vu ce "prérequis" --> Windows 10. Et c'est ce qui m'a bloqué. Je n'aime pas du tout cette version de Windows au même titre que le 8 ou 8.1.. Vu le prix proposé pour le Black Friday (399€ avec les 2 capteurs + touch), j'ai sauté sur l'occasion. Par contre je suis curieux de voir ce que la "réalité mixée" amène (ou amènera) pour les simpiteurs. En attendant le Rift me procure de nouvelles sensations fortes et pour le moment cela me convient. Je pense que nous verrons d'ici 2018, de nombreuses améliorations comme la 4K par exemple, et a ce moment, je verrais pour changer de casque et de Windows...:cry: @++ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ EN : Hi Ergo, Thank you for your answer. I actually saw this "prerequisite" -> Windows 10. And that's what blocked me. I really don't like this version of Windows. Given the price offered for Black Friday (399 € with 2 sensors + touch), I jumped at the chance. By cons I am curious to see what the "mixed reality" brings (or going to bring) for the simpitters. Meanwhile the Rift gives me new thrills and for now it suits me. I think we'll see by 2018, many improvements like 4K for example, and at that moment, I would see to change the helmet and Windows ...: cry: @ ++
  3. Thank you for your interesting answer. So, I fell for the oculus, it works, good quality, existing community, and the "Black Friday's" promotions are really interesting...
  4. Hi all, Is someone use Lenovo Explorer with DCS (not STEAM) and can give his opinion ? I'm actually use an Oculus (loaned by a friend), and i defenitively seduced by VR. So on the paper Lenovo is better than Oculus, but i don't find anyone using it. thanks.
  5. Hi all, I have a question for Ian, I don't know if the question has ever been posed.. Have you ever considered a multi aircraft use ? In my squadron (2nd FFS), we have multiple guys that fly with many DCS modules and they are interested for generic panels (with general functions like landing gear, lights, canopy, etc...) i don't know how this can be implemented, maybe with the module library address ?? a test at the beginning of the Arduino sketch ? have you planned to add this feature to your roadmap ? Thx !!
  6. Exo7

    What is BIP?

    That follows this : :lol
  7. I think for distance we need AA T/R Tacan. So i don't think that the Mirage 2000-C has it.. no ?
  8. I think you have to choose "aera" in ME and use condition "unit in the area" and "altitude"... to enable SAM IA unit..
  9. Same here !!! Very disapointed...
  10. I think you should try RS485... ;)
  11. Is it normal, since last update, that the barometric pressure calibration doesn't affect the altitude HUD display ?
  12. JTAC does not respond to wingmen Yep, We have the same bug. JTAC only reply to the first unit (leader) of each group... But the lasing work for wingmens if the leader talk with JTAC.
  13. M-2000C Pending Update Fix List Never seen that before.... I Never seen a 3rd developper like Razbam, with à wonderfull communication, amazing bug solve speed, frequent updates, and opened mind for all users requests, no i never seen it before. And i never seen so many angry people crying for anything... Is this your live in bet? Angry people, Can you make us (comprehensive and patient users) happy, please open a new post thread for crying and let this thread for updates fix list and constructives ideas.. By advance thanks you so much. Sorry Razbam Team...(Zeus, Cpt_smiley, and all other)
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