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  1. mig-21 pilots have reported that the eagle's radar was so powerful that it saturated their RWR systems such that it gave a 360-deg indication (ie: the system indicated the eagle's radar was ALL AROUND THEM - the whole thing lit up!) @Beamscanner's post makes sense
  2. agree w/ OP... once you trim roll left/right, you can never return to "perfect" center (non-trimmed roll) would be nice if ED would look into this at least put it on the "to do" list (please?)
  3. FYI........ he didn't say "no" !! : )
  4. true ---- maybe ED will see this and add that functionality into the A120...
  5. the missile should actually continue to its latest calculated interception point and then turn on its on-board radar not just "go stupid" and continue along its last trajectory
  6. SDsc0rch

    F-15E UFC poll

    newer = better solved problems guys griped about with the original digital it is!!
  7. dude... there are SO MANY more polite non-condescending and less adversarial ways to get a point across and get sympathy for your request............ sad smh
  8. this fkkg SUXXX this is TERRIBLE news!! >: ( let us mod the LUA files the way we want to! but don't FORCE US ALL TO BE HANDICAPPED!!!
  9. what about the military grid reference coords? lat/long + MGRS ???
  10. at some point they'll just do it - juuuuust to shut everybody up (( anybody with a four-year-old will understand... ))
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