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  1. Normally there's at least a bit of fanboy/girl hype going on with this thread at patch day! What's going on??? OK then...... Let's hope some new stuff for the mozzy and pilots legs for the F16. Yeah
  2. Was just about to post about this You beat me to it Luving the mozzy ED......thanks
  3. Still not got mine working. Glad yours is good though. Going to leave it and wait for the software to be updated and maybe try again later
  4. Sound's like the same problem ourorborus.......if you find a solution please let me know sir. What does it say in your SSA log file? platypus how do you mean? Where is the unchecked sound module box? Thanks.
  5. Hi f410 Yeah tried another port. I now cant get it to work on my desktop either. As a last ditched attempt I'm doing a clean install of windows. If it wont work on that I think the seat has packed up. Will have to order a new one if that dosnt work:(
  6. Its not a hardware problem, although Ive had that before a few times, Ive tested the seat on my separate desktop. I know that you dont do SSA but you do do SSW. Is there a log file in SSW I can check or do I need to open a new thread at IL2 forums? Thanks.
  7. The control panel test and massage programs in the Gametrix file....neither produce vibration. When you start SSA two boxes appear.....the one with the picture of the seat says the seat is connected and 'OK'. Simshaker wings has stopped working as well. Is there a log file produced I can attach for SSW somewhere? Are you able to tell anything from the SSA log file I have attached? Thanks Andre.
  8. Hi Andre, Thanks for your help man. Even thought the Firmwareloader.log looks ok when I use the Gametrix control panel I get no vibration? The gametrix panel in SSA says the seat is connected and 'OK'. The 'fatal' appears in the SSA log file...attached. Hope your well. SSAlog.log
  9. Hi Folks, I've completely lost the use of my Jetseat since updating to the latest Win 10 and cant fix the 'Fatal' in the log file. Log file attached. Please can anybody help:) log.log FirmwareLoader.log
  10. Hi Folks, Ive tried many clean reinstalls of the software but just cant get things to work after updating windows. I cant clear the problem listed in my log file (attached) despite my best efforts. Can anybody please help:) (dont understand why this did not save to simshaker thread?) now done two posts:( (OK reply to thread not new topic) sorry could someone delete this one..thanks log.log
  11. Hi Folks, After windows update I cant get simshaker to work anymore!!!! Have tried to clean reinstall the whole thing repeatedly but no joy after focusing on the the log file attached. Can anybody help please:) (dont understand why this did not save to simshaker thread? now done two posts ) ( OK... reply to thread not new topic....sorry) could some one please move it...cheers log.log
  12. Hi Oubaas, I gave your suggestion a try.....unfortunatley turning 'motion smoothing' off didn't help much but worth a try. Many thanks for the tip.
  13. Found two heli pads not in the .miz file..... 200' 0.6nm from Adana main hospital:)
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