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  1. Hi All I did it by my self. I changed the HMCS Text and TGP sizes. I doubled it and now its realy realy good to fly with. Now i can read anything, event zoomed out full. And the TGP is now just the right size to handle the image. I know, it's not realistic, but if someone interested to also change the size of the HMCS, just write in this post. I will deliver the explanation which files you have to edit or i will get you access to my edited files. Have a nice flight
  2. Hi All I really like the new A10C II. I tried it out yesterday and i'm happy with it. But there is something, you guys maybe can help me. I'm flying with trackir and a bigger monitor. I'm used to zoom a bit out in the cockpit, first for more visibility throughout the entire cockpit, secondly for immersion. I'm doing it either by zooming with "/" on the numpad or by key binding on the joystick. The tricky part is the readability for the new HMCS. When zoomed out, the HMCS gets too small to use it quite right. So to my question, is there a known zoom, which seats me back and gives me a wider field of view and keeps the HMCS the same size? Or is there an option to just zoom the HMCS back after i zoomed out? If not, i for sure will bring this up in the whishlist section, because i can't be the only one with this issue. Thank you guys. (sorry for the English, not my native language) Donoli
  3. Hi MudzNZ Thank you for your help. It works now. Here is the code that i needed to get it running: it was just the ".startListening();" that wasn't in the description.
  4. Hi Ranma13 I‘m really interested in your Nodejs code. I tried to get it running, but with the delivered code samples I can't get it to work probertly.. I get info messages for the airplanes, but after that the code did not keep on going, for example to listen an receive messages.. you have any idea why this could be the case? Or maybe what I‘m doing wrong? I tried just to run your code along with decks-bios and DCs.. I tried a up connection to DCs-bios and get the encoded stream.. but when I tried to set up your code, it didn‘t do what I was expecting.. Sorry for my bad english, not my native language
  5. Thank you very much.. :)
  6. Hi I have searched in this threads but couldn't find any answer to my question. Is there a manual or something. I know, there will be a final manual, but is there a mini Manual right now? maybe with the Hotas Controlls on a picture with description? Thank you for your help, a maybe a bit blind F/A 18 Pilot.. :megalol:
  7. donoli

    TrackIR issue

    Ahm, yes there are two green lights on my sensor... as i have written, there is no red light.. :) Hmm.. still no solution.. i will try it tomorow or around the next week..
  8. donoli

    TrackIR issue

    Hi Dingo, The TrackIR software starts with my the Windows.. :) I will try to make it a bit clearer.. As i has written in my second post, the software works for every other modul. I have installed the newest version of the Hawk (.14 BETA).. The Axis are Assigned under the options and worked for the other Moduls.. My TrackIR dosen't seem to have a problem, otherwise it wouldent work in other cases.. There is no red light on the sensor from TrackIR when i start the hawk.. Ask if you think i have missed something to writte down.. :)
  9. donoli

    TrackIR issue

    Hi Foreigner Tahnk you for your fast replay.. :) No all the other Modules don't have this issue.. I have my own trackIR profil done for DCS and i have Activated it.. and the axis are assigned under every modul, i checked it right now and tested it under the a-10C Modul.. it worked.. the issue is just in the hawk.. so i gues, when it works for you, it should also work for me.. hmm i will try and hopefully find a answer..
  10. donoli

    TrackIR issue

    Hi guys Yes my first post in this forum.. :) Ahm does anyone have issues with TrackIR? I cna't tunr my head or something.. Do i have to map them by my self? I can't finde a simmilar Thread in this Forum so i posted a new one... Thanks for your Help
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