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  1. what about commands - rotary switches i.e. Radio Channel does it have +/- command that can be assigned to kbd or joy button ?
  2. I had the same problem few days ago when added few modules and BBI32 interface. However I decided to reactivate it.
  3. no, you are not missing up/down commands. moreover some cockpit functionality is mouse click only i.e. rsbn channel up/down. It is huge failure in building virtual cockpit with current MIG 21 command set. http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=132854
  4. @Mike you need to manually switch laser off slew to another target and turn it on. Otherwise you need to wait predefined amount of time to switch laser off and cool it down.
  5. I would kindly ask you to make all rotary buttons like Radio Channel i.e. to have UP/DOWN commands so they can easily get mapped to rotary encoders and pots ?
  6. Sorry, my bad I didn't mean to say meaningless - I meant meaningful combat ...:)
  7. are you guys really fly all those airplanes or just collect them ? I don't get it, I need at least a month to get familiar with the airplane and to get ready for meaningless combat action. After a month I'm ready to enjoy the airplane, and there is no room for another new airplane to pop in. So, from my point of view this is mass production of modules. I would be more happy to see EDGE asap since current graphic engine is way obsolete in every aspect.
  8. thank you all :) @OSA8, very good video as well, thanks for the link
  9. Hello, I have started building virtual cockpit for MIG 21. This is my first build and I have thoroughly read all the info from this forum. However, I have problem mapping some cockpit functionality to rotary encoder and pots. Let's take MIG 21 RADIO CHANNEL wheel for example. There is no keyboard command for that button - no radio channel + nor radio channel - command. This command is pure clickable button. I have examined default.lua, devices.lua, commands.lua and clickabledata.lua. What I have found is this in clickabledata.lua elements["PNT_211"] = multiposition_switch(LOCALIZE("Radio Channel"),devices.RADIO, device_commands.RadioChannel, 211, 20, 0.05, true)This tells me few things: it has 20 positions (0-19) increment is 0.05 it is inverted So, position 0 has value 0.05, position 2 has value 0.1 position 3 0.15 etc... Now I come to the problem, how can I connect this to the rotary encoder or pot ? I know I can map it to the rotary switch and assign each rotarry button value - something like this {combos={{key='JOY_BTN1'}},pressed=device_commands.RadioChannel,cockpit_device_id=devices.RADIO,value_pressed=0.05,name='RADIO CHANNEL #1 ',category='RADIO'}, {combos={{key='JOY_BTN2'}},pressed=device_commands.RadioChannel,cockpit_device_id=devices.RADIO,value_pressed=0.10,name='RADIO CHANNEL #2 ',category='RADIO'},however there are two problems with this solution it is really clumsy there are 20 positions so I would end up with single pole - double platter rotary with 24 switch positions which would eat almost whole single BBI-32 The other solution is to write my peace of software and couple it with export.lua. So my software keeps track of current clickable button position (count) and send appropriate absolute value by calling performclickableaction. I really don't find any logical reasoning for making things so complicated. Therefore I doubt that I have explored this problem from the right angle. Can you please share your knowledge with me and give me any clue how this can be done or how is this done in DCS ? many thanks Mirko
  10. mipko

    missing controls

    I hitnk I'm getting somewhere... Radio Channel is attached to clickable action in clickabledata.lua. So I just typed few lines in default.lua. clickabledata.lua: elements["PNT_211"] = multiposition_switch(LOCALIZE("Radio Channel"),devices.RADIO, device_commands.RadioChannel, 211, 20, 0.05, true) I read this code like this - 20 positions, 0.05 increment, can be inverted. default.lua {combos={{key='JOY_BTN2'}},pressed=device_commands.RadioChannel,cockpit_device_id=devices.RADIO,value_pressed=0.15,name='RADIO CHANNEL + ',category='RADIO'}, {combos={{key='JOY_BTN1'}},pressed=device_commands.RadioChannel,cockpit_device_id=devices.RADIO,value_pressed=0.10,name='RADIO CHANNEL - ',category='RADIO'}, So with button_2 I set frequencu to 3 and with button1 I set frequency to 2. The question is how to make full cycle with rotary encoder with btn1 & btn2 as encoder buttons ? many thanks Mipko
  11. Hello, I just can't find control mappings for some cockpit functionality, like. SRZO CODES or RADIO CHANNELS for example. I'm building MIG-21 virtual cockpit and I'm stuck with quite few cockpit buttons not being mapped to kbd or any other controller. m'I not seeing it properly or something else is wrong ? Any help will be much appreciated. many thanks Mipko EDIT: I just took a look into the default.lua for MIG 21, devices.lua and commands.lua. It seems that some commands can be performed only by axis. For example Radio Channel, there is no up/down command only RadioChannel = start_command + 45; so, I have to buy controller with joystick ? No way :) This should be expanded with full kbd support so we can easily map them to simple rotary encoders.
  12. cool movie :) pozdrav Mipko
  13. Hello, I'm in process of learning and experimenting interfacing with DCS through LUA scripts. I have read tons of great posts on this sub forum regarding that matter. However I'm encountering the problems with MIG 21 clickable buttons. i.e. RSBN button on right vertical panel. I have followed this logic to performClickableAction against that button: 1. find device that holds RSBN DEVICES.LUA line 33 = devices["RSBN"] = counter() --28 2. find button and parameters clickabledata.lua - line 371 elements["PNT_176"] = default_2_position_tumb(LOCALIZE("RSBN On/Off"),devices.RSBN, device_commands.RSBNon,176) device = 28, command = 3054 - start_command = 3000 - RSBNon = start_command + 54; 3. find parameters RSBN_switch = CreateGauge("parameter") RSBN_switch.parameter_name = "RSBN_switch" RSBN_switch.arg_number = 176 RSBN_switch.input = { 0, 1 } RSBN_switch.output = { 0, 1 } I suppose 1 is for ON 0 for OFF in my LUA script I do following local RSBN = GetDevice(28) RSBN:performClickableAction(3054, 1) But button remains OFF - I'm going nuts here. Some buttons do follow the logic but almost all buttons on RV panel are non responsive. Can you please point me what is wrong in this approach ? many thanks Mirko
  14. Hello, Sorry if this has been reported, I couldn't find it on the forum. There is a problem with landing gears in latest update. You can retract gears while on the ground. There is also weird problem of spinning/rotating external view which lasts until you take control of the airplane. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QjtETxwA2SA&feature=youtu.be regards Mirko
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