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  1. Sabre's AFT01 mission only costs $1 available here: http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=62992 (Main discussion here) http://www3.sympatico.ca/tlaschuk/mapleflagmissions/dcsa10c.html (Website) https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/208371/ (Download) And here's a helpful video (not really): The mission starts you at the entry of an air-to-air refuelling zone and the instructor tells you to contact the tanker, fly closer, maintain altitude, prepare your aircraft, call pre-contact and then tells you when you’re not close enough and when you’re too close, when you’re connected and when you’re disconnected, if you’re accidentally flying away from the tanker or exiting the zone and so on. You're going to have to learn how to airspeed (speedbrakes speedbrakes speedbrakes) and maintain stability (trim trim trim) yourself though!
  2. Yes. If your "Mirrors" value becomes high when you are flying with mirrors activated and the mirrors are currently on screen that means a lot of time is spent drawing them and since the graphics card won't send the image to your monitor until it is fully drawn that means your frametime (time to draw the frame) will increase and framerate (frequency frames are displayed at) decrease. However in this case the only high values are “General” and “Scene” that aren’t something you can simply switch off with only a setting and means that your computer is generally sweating. In order to decrease the general work your computer has to do you can attempt turning down all of the graphics settings from high to medium and if your performance increases that means your graphics card is the weaker one however on my computer with a stronger graphics card than CPU changing any of the graphics settings doesn’t make any difference because my graphics card can always keep up with my CPU (which is generally the case with new computers). The other set of options are the CPU settings including draw distance (view distance) and all of that which is something your CPU handles more than your graphics card. Decreasing your draw distance will almost always increase your performance and if it doesn’t then it’s a sign you have a stronger CPU than graphics card and that it’s your graphics card slugging behind on drawing the details and not your CPU slugging behind on calculating what needs to be drawn. Anyways see what your framerate/frametime is when simply flying straight and watching the ground at a small altitude so the vegetation is also drawn. It should be 30-60 fps to be enjoyable however at around 20 most users will experience the screen chopping and the controls becoming slow. If it’s down at 20 that’s a sign your computer isn’t doing well and you should first try turning down all the settings with a drop-down menu then the draw distance or play around with the presets that change everything simultaneously automatically. It’s quite important to know that the performance is affected by both the CPU and the graphics card and they are usually of different strength so changing some settings may not affect gameplay at all and you can play with them at the highest setting constantly while some other settings will immediately slow down the game significantly on nearly anyone’s computer (such as mirrors). In 2011 I was still using a 5 year old CPU or so and bought a brand new graphics card and was surprised that changing anti-aliasing settings up or down in video games didn't affect my performance at all anymore while it used to have extreme effects. It was only because my CPU was now a lot slower than my graphics card and it was struggling to do what it has to do while my graphics card easily could handle anti-aliasing which is one of the things the graphics card does quite independently.
  3. Completed campaign AFT02. 85 minutes, had to abort one landing at Batumi because of zero visibility. Only bug is again that the shutdown timer starts early when you stop anywhere on the ground including on or after clearing the runway. Oh and in both AFT01 and AFT02 I experienced my first connection not counting, maybe because I was too quick? In AFT01 I made my first connection and the instructor didn’t seem to notice at all and then I accidentally disconnected immediately and he didn’t tell me I disconnected to soon either. In AFT02 I did the same thing but didn’t disconnect and it took him 10 seconds to say I was connected and then I accidentally disconnected and he scolded me for it. Not a major problem but if you’re quick to connect your free disconnect card is wasted. Any hints for AFT03? My strategy has been to go shallow and fly over the woods, skip waypoint 4 and continue going east through the woods which ends with me coming out of the woods straight above a MANPADS and then flying south to the egress while dodging the final few AAAs. I’m not sure how ideal this is and while bobbing up and down works nicely for dodging AAAs I’m not sure how I’m supposed to avoid the MANPADS.
  4. FPS (Not sure what value in parenthesis means) Mission time MIS??? Objects drawn on screen Polygons drawn on screen FT (Complementary opposite of FPS) How many FT are spent on drawing each component of the image RAM use (or VRAM?) Camera angles??? If the MFD/Mirror FT value is high that means you should turn those settings down but in your case only Main is high (no MFDs/Mirrors on-screen so that makes sense) meaning you have to turn down general/view settings if you want a better FPS/FT.
  5. I wouldn't waste my time unless I was using a laptop. In the case of laptops turning off energy saving features can bring incredible bounty.
  6. I've started the AAT campaign now and AFT01 was great, a lot livelier than the practice mission. Everything went perfectly except for times on target that didn’t want to work with me at all. However I saw one bug: the runway I decided to stop entirely and that triggered the shutdown procedure so after speeding into my parking spot I only had 30 seconds to shut down … a shame because otherwise I might have had a Q+. I disconnected immediately on my first connect by accident but I don’t think I successfully connected at all so it may not have counted. 75 minutes so the time estimate of needing 70 minutes is quite spot on.
  7. Great sale as always... only question is why not have constantly intermediate cost instead of sometimes very high and sometimes super cheap.
  8. I'm not bothering learning how to play? I'm not bothering learning how to write scripts for ****ing DCS configs :doh: Why do you so strongly oppose that ED make their product more user-friendly? Elitism.
  9. What's the secret to making your unguided bombs hit using CCRP?
  10. In AAT06 how do you shoot the helicopters without being able to use the AIM-9s (because of constant countermeasures) or going below 5000 ft? I'm also under the impression some mission briefings are cut such as the AAT07 practice mission... it just stops in the middle and there's no mention of minimum altitude, apparently 250 ft?
  11. I didn't have any issues with AFT04 practice mission a few days ago. I can't remember if I played it before or after the last update though.
  12. I'm not very interested in anything without a clickable cockpit. The only way I'm buying another non-full detail module again is if the cockpit is clickable (even only a few switches!) and all essential flight avionics are interactive which is what Cliffs aircraft claim but seriously... I disagree. In the A-10A you can't even stop engines fires even though there are three massive fire handles in front of your face at all times... never again. In my opinion there should be no more substandard quality aircraft, unless they set a higher standard definition of "essential avionics" and make the switches clickable even if not all switches are.
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