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  1. My fault. I wasn t turning in the magnetos system.
  2. My fault. I wasn t turning on the sistem of magnetos
  3. my fail. I wasn t turning on the Magnetos sistem. Thanks
  4. thanks anyway! i can t use a axis because i have a small joystick, and axis used to the view. fuel flow manually to 100% and bind keys to reach 100x100 i test everything and i m just wasting time scince 1 wek, hope Polishop fix this., so.. choppa going to hangar. thanks friends!
  5. Thanks for your time. Here is the track. Hope it helps. hover fail.rar
  6. Thanks for answer. I have x and y axis 100% saturated. What i m doing wrong?
  7. Hi good day, i have the fuel flow manually at 100% from the start ( the yellow stick )
  8. Yes. Same problem here. Last version. Rapair dcs maybe? Auto hover not working. Works starting from the air. And starting hot in ramp.
  9. Auto hover not working starting from cold in ground. It work s starting from air or hot in ramp. Any help? Thanks
  10. Hi! I having this issue with last version of openbeta. I can Auto hover starting from the air and starting hot from ramp. What could it be? I m frustrated. No gazelle for me if the autohover it s broken. Thanks
  11. It is bug. Starting on ramp with engine running i can do auto hover. What coult it be? Thanks. I m setting all the keys up for trim and AP. I can t use the module with this issue
  12. Hello. I got the same problem. I did that and i can t hover.. I just use 100% all the time of the fuel flow. And i reduce y saturation and i still cant reach auto hover. I can hover only when i put the chopper starting from the air. Thanks
  13. Than you MUD. IT WORKED!!!!! Thanks greatings all! Have fun in the skyes
  14. Hi , good morning. I have an issue with new version 2.0. It never happens before with other versions like 1.4. The issue is that when i select the slot, it brings me to a free camara on the air, and its unflyable. Any help? Thanks!!! It is correct instaled.
  15. Hi good morning, i have this issue, it never happens to me with the a4 past versions... Now with the 2.0 , it is unflyable, it spawns in the air with free camara, like a bug mod or corrupted mod. Thanks! Any help?
  16. Thaks for the answers! So.. The depolpers are just simply "lazy"? I don't found an answer coming from the devolpers of the module saying something solid, i used the chat of the main dcs page, and has no answer, they don't know nothing about it.
  17. Any news, any reply about this wish that must be answered. Thanks!
  18. Thank s for the module! I wonder if the fligth model will be updated..... It is so much irreal and arcade! Thank s for the amazing job.
  19. Hi good day everybody, i have the next problem on the viggen, i set te correct waypoint with the rigth coordinates and fine QFE, but the target ANF ring is wrong with the target zone, i mean while i´m arriving the zone, the ring moves to the the target, but when i fly over it! , this happens starting from ground, when in the editor i put the aircraft on the air, the target size its ok. i load the data cart, load waypoints, load qfe, magnetic alignament i think its not working , or can´t fix this for me, anyone knows any solution? thank you.
  20. Hi everyone, i would like to ask , If there is some way to hide the windows bar (ligth blue) of the 2D GPS overlay... Thank you very much.
  21. Please put the NVG on the other versions, i want to attack positions with the L version or minigun versio. We will keep realism. NVG its a desmontable device! Why not to operate rockers ans gun in the nigth? Thanks!
  22. Hi everyone Thanks for reply, does the steam versión M includes all the gazelle versions? Thank s!!
  23. Why i can t shoot 2 missiles to the same target in tws mod? Thanks. (Just only i can fire)
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