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  1. The Launch should happen at any time.
  2. They just shut up the community so they wouldn't keep asking. Since then we have had no more information. I have no more hopes with Kiowa. I'm very satisfied with Apache.
  3. @BIGNEWY If he doesn't send the link by today will he be out of the competition? I hope he sends it soon.
  4. You can now declare yourself one of the winners. This skin is a work of art.
  5. @BIGNEWY Will these new shadows be applied to all objects on the map or just the SuperCarrier? Thank You!
  6. Did you use the original template to make this skin? I ask because the file size in relation to the others is very low. I would love to see you win to have this skin inside the DCS. Good luck!
  7. Razbam intends to bring the AMX to DCS in the future, but this should take a long time to happen as it has many projects in front of it. https://www.facebook.com/RazbamSims/photos/3160743754012241
  8. The truth is that the MB339 has to be very well built to be able to stand out among the other training modules.
  9. I understand your side. I would love to see the Yak-52 finished as it was released in 2018 and to this day it has not been finished. It is a relatively simple aircraft compared to the others. The aircraft doesn't even have weapons, but the most we can do is wait.
  10. Calm that heart! It is normal for Apache to receive more attention as it has just been released. I'm sure ED should release fixes for Hind in the future.
  11. As far as I can remember the MB339 was sent before the MirageF1 for ED to test. This delay must be because it must not have passed quality control and they must be fixing it to be approved.
  12. I hope it doesn't take long for a FAQ about the module to come out.
  13. I hope it doesn't take long for a FAQ about the module to come out.
  14. How do you have access to real aircraft. Are the sounds recorded from the real aircraft? Thank you!
  15. These new prints of the 3D model of the pilot that came out on PolyshopSimulator's official Discord are circulating on social media, but I didn't see them there. Maybe they were deleted from Discord. From the expression on the pilot's face, the Kiowa must take a while to leave.
  16. Many complain that they wouldn't buy this or that, but if ED releases a C172 or anything else the community will always buy it.
  17. Extra 330 - https://virtualairrace.com/downloads/
  18. I don't remember seeing this video in a corner at all. It's been about 3 months since it was published.
  19. Things I'd love about the F-5E. A picture speaks a thousand words. I also want a new high definition 3D model with new textures in 4k and PBR.
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