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  1. I really do want some early Battle of Britain era birds like Spitfire I/II, Hurricane, Bf-109E (I'd prefer E-4/b or E-7, they'd tie in as an early Eastern Front bird to go with I-16 too). Since we are getting a WW II Marianas, Corsair, and Nick Grey says that F6F is something he'd love to eventually see made, I guess it is fair to imagine other Pacific modules too. Avenger can be cool, but I am more partial to SBD for whatever reason. For the Japanese side, since there are flyable examples, a Zero is probably feasible, and is a cool, iconic plane. At least an AI Val would round out a sword-shield combo for IJN together with the zero. For a later bird, while it has never been a favorite of mine, N1K Shiden is a good aircraft, and I think there was a surviving airframe and some docs somewhere. As for the IJAA side, I have an unreasonable love for the Ki-43. Ki-61 and/or Ki-100 can be nice as well. Ki-84 would be amazing, but I think there's nothing surviving that would make it possible as a DCS module. Stuka of either early or late war vintage would be nice to see. Also, ED was considering the idea of doing F and G attack birds too when Fw-190A module was in dev, that would be a nice addition to give axis side a good attacker while doing relatively less work than a module from ground up. B-25, A-26, Bf-110, Ju-88, Pe-2 are all things I'd love flying in DCS as well.
  2. Yep, this could also enable Petro to attack from hover when the conditions allow (light helo, not hot and high environment) and situation calls for. Currently only doable as a human in the gunner seat. AFAIK this is practiced IRL by skilled Hind crews too.
  3. Much prefer current system: use CJTF red/blue for having all skins available, or proper countries to have proper skins only.
  4. I definitely wouldn't say Apache was the most anticipated overall by the community. It is up there, and probably the first place among the helicopters. But F-14, F/A-18, F-16 all had more anticipation around them from what I can recall.
  5. My favorite non aircraft mod packs: - French pack - SAM site assets pack - Massun92's assets - Majestic class carriers First 3 add both great variety of good looking static stuff for base building, as well as additional ground units. The carriers is self explanatory, and makes a good challenging small deck carrier avaialable for another great mod, the A-4E.
  6. Ah, that'd explain it for me then, being an FFB2 user myself.
  7. That's the problem For some reason, we need to invert FFB axes from FFB settings, otherwise it'll get wonky when you trim etc.
  8. Eh, honestly, for release they need the item nr 1, and that alone. My bet is that one is taking time.
  9. Many versions of Mirage F1, two F-4E versions, MiG-23MLA, AJS 37, MiG-21Bis, F-5E, F-8J, A-7E, A-6E, G.91, hopefully MiG-17F and Su-17M3, EE Lightning, Mirage III, A-4E... DCS is becoming quite the fixed wing dream land for me, not to mention already great helo wonderland! Then there's the Corsair and a potential La-7 in addition to existing excellent warbirds. So many aircraft to look forward to!
  10. 4-5 kilometers from likes of T-72,T-80,T-90 is also kind of asking for trouble. Hellfire provides a lot more range than that, so it's best to utilize it. Their gun launched ATGMs like Svir/Reflex have 4.5-5ish kms range. While they may not be likely to hit an evasive helo at long range, one hovering perfectly still is exactly the kind of target they want This is also true for many IFVs, but their missiles tend to be somewhat shorter ranged, usually.
  11. It works for me, but the missile needs a target point in these modes, so you need to either have a stored target or a waypoint etc as an acqiuision source before firing the missile.
  12. You don't move TADS with cursor control, but with manual targeting thumb controller found on the right handle of TEDAC. Select TADS as the active sight, unless it is slaved to an acquisition source you should be able to move it around. If it is slaved, pressing the slave button will let you slew it.
  13. I think a mid-ish 90s W would also give the option of using either TOWs or laser Hellfires, so the Super Cobra would be a fit for both older and somewhat newer scenarios this way :). And if Sidewinders and Sidearms were indeed an actual possible loadout, it would make it a unique capability even in face of Longbow Apache, Hind, Blackshark 2/3. I'd be happy with either such a W, or a relatively same vintage F myself being a weirdo, I'd even eventually buy them both
  14. Yeah, we need neither NATO nor Russian latest gen air defense. What's the point? We neither have, nor will in foreseeable future things they are supposed to defend against as modules. We are less likely to have the numbers to simulate these modern air defense stuff even semi faithfully either. So the best way to get them in DCS imo, is through mods, and high digit sams mod does that for the most part, tho more so with Russian SAMs. If anything, we should get things like Redeye, early block Stinger, Strela-2 and 3 (SA-7) etc older MANPADS and older NATO AAA, so that some of the cold war modules will have more proper threats to play with/against.
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