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  1. I've tried to reduce the Life_time parameter value, but I do not see a significant maneuverability increment.. I think it is not from this file that we must switch it... I tried to copy/past all the main parameters of the R-73 over a bigger missile, and the long range ones are still "slow" in maneuverability as before.. I think there must be an other file from where control what we need...
  2. yes, it is important to know this detail, because the configuration of the missiles maneuverability it is a really important point of the simulation!
  3. Great, I will try it!! I was expecting to find some very specific parameter for maneuverability... like a kind of "maneuverability coefficient" or something like that.... are we sure there are not such?!
  4. in the "db_" list files in Eagle_Dynamics/DCS_World/Script/Database, there is only "db_weapons_data", that has to do with the missiles, but it is about the ID, the shape, the weight of how they are carried under the wings... I do not found what you specified...
  5. Hello guys, I was attempting to improve the missile maneuverability of some of the A-A missiles, such as the AIM-120, the R-27 series etc.... So I went to the "missiles_data" file, located in Eagle_Dynamics/Scripts/Database/Weapons. There are scripts for every missile, as these: ........ ModelData = { 58 , -- model params count 0.4 , -- characteristic square (характеристическая площадь) -- параметры зависимости Сx 0.05 , -- Cx_k0 планка Сx0 на дозвуке ( M << 1) 0.12 , -- Cx_k1 высота пика волнового кризиса 0.02 , -- Cx_k2 крутизна фронта на подходе к волновому кризису 0.062, -- Cx_k3 планка Cx0 на сверхзвуке ( M >> 1) 1.2 , -- Cx_k4 крутизна спада за волновым кризисом 1.0 , -- коэффициент отвала поляры (пропорционально sqrt (M^2-1)) -- параметры зависимости Cy 0.9 , -- Cy_k0 планка Сy0 на дозвуке ( M << 1) 0.8 , -- Cy_k1 планка Cy0 на сверхзвуке ( M >> 1) 1.2 , -- Cy_k2 крутизна спада(фронта) за волновым кризисом .................... etc... the list is very long. So my point is that I can increase the aerodynamic resistance, the engine trust... and some other stuff... but I can't found a parameter which increases the maneuverability.... Do you know which parameters(s) increases the missiles maneuverability? (in terms of faster missile turns, higher G turns, more acute angles of trajectory) Are those information within this file? Or maybe I need to check them into an other file?! Thank you!!
  6. Mi-24 & KA-50 guns problems Hello folks, I want to say that in this DCS World version release, not only the Ka-50 has a gun anomality but also the Mi-24, which is also unable to fire the gun! Thanks!
  7. So can we consider this issue as a bug of the DCS World version?
  8. Hi, I am not sure what is your point, but in my previous DCS World version, those helicopters were able to fire they gun without problems... It is from the last update that they have stopped to do it...
  9. Hello guys! Since some day I have updated my DCS World to version. But I already notified an anomality in teh helicopters work! Ka-50, and Mi-24 CAN'T FIRE THE GUN! When they are loaded and have the ground target, the do as they are going to attack it with the gun, they do the attack pass but THEY ARE NOT FIRING! I also noted that their guns moves a little left-right, up-down while passing... but NO FIRE OPENED! :( Any suggestion? Thank!
  10. Thank you again ENO! Your mission is still not working.. My attempt was just make fire the artillery through some spotter much closer to the target than the artillery itself. So I must find how targets are communicated between units of the same alliance...
  11. Thank you a lot, I'll study them! I've created a simple sample of this mission (which is not working), and I've attached it here.. Objective is: Humvee to transmit truck's coordinates to M109s, so artillery may fire on them... I guess FAC/EPLRS should be used, but I don't know how to perform correctly that... If somebody may re-edit this mission making it works, I would be really thankfull!!! Artillery_FAC_Test.miz
  12. Thank you for your response ENO! Usually I wait for more than 20-30 minutes (time acceleration)... but it is still not working... Can you please post the link of this script library? I am very new in this forum! :S
  13. Hello guys! I am trying to build a mission of this type: 1) There is a stationary U.S. battery of 4xM109. 2) Maximum target detection distance a M109 can detect by itself is 4 km. But it can fire up to 22 km! 3) Let's say, at 12 km there is a parked group of 10 enemy russian KAMAZ-43101 trucks. 4) M109's artillery battery can't see them, but it is in fire range to take them out. 5) HOW CAN I SET IN THE EDITOR, SO M109s MAY GET TRUCKS' LOCATION VIA A THIRD U.S. UNIT (LIKE A M1043 HMMWV ARMAMENT) WHICH HAS CLOSE VISUAL CONTACT WITH TARGET (THE TRUCKS) SO M109s MAY CONSIDER THEM AS TARGETS AND FIRING UP ON THEM?! I've tryied many combinations of FAC/EPLRS sets in different scenarios missions, but I am not able to achieve the purpose I described above. M109s are not firing to their targets! :( I would be very happy if somebody may help me! My DCS World is v1.2.8.27203. Thank you very much!!!!
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