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  1. Dude, I am forever in your debt. I never even realized that hump was there until you mentioned it. The way you described it forced me to focus on actually finding it and lifting the throttles. Thanks a million! Thanks everyone for your help in this! This community is amazing! Onto Navigation systems training :)
  2. With engines cold, I have NO movement on throttles. Inverter and APU are ON before starting engines.
  3. THanks for bearing with me everyone! After I use the keyboard to start L and R engines, I can use the throttle to move, taxi, takeoff, etc... I just don't see any movement before the engines are started.
  4. looking down via my track ir, I don't even see the throttle move at all. I don't use Target at all. Please explain "remap correctly only trimmer in-game".
  5. I've tried everything mentioned here and I still can't get that to work. Also, when I engage the "controller sync" in DCS options, my controls act even worse. TM Device analyzer shows the throttle and stick are flawless. Really frustrated about this, but it looks like I'm just going to have to live with it. thx all,
  6. From what you guys are telling me, it sounds like my problem is that I have both the left and right side of the throttle "merged" via that stick/switch. So I need to unmerge them, and start the sim from the throttle off position on both sides L/R.
  7. Yes, I've done all that over and over and over :( OK, did you mean Left side of throttle? In other words, move them independently?
  8. OK, I've been killing myself trying to figure this out. Still working on the complete startup procedures but have run into a snag. When moving my TM Warthog Throttle to the Idle position, it doesnt fire up the R/L engines. I have to use the keyboard command. Anyone know how to resolve this? thx,
  9. OK, that sucks. What is the name of the control item to modify outside of Axis? I just tried and can't seem to find it. thx for the help.
  10. Trying to set my Yaw R/L to the hat (thumb) on my Thurstmaster warthog throttle and it's not working. I currently don't have rudder pedals, so I would like to move this to a hat. Anyone know how to do this?
  11. I'm a noob as well. And yes, there are training modules. IMHO, they could be alot better, but still good enough to get you started. I am not a real pilot and havent tried a sim since I was a teenager, so the learning curve to me is steep but fun. Good luck.
  12. Win 8.1. I'm sure win7 is just as good, but I need to force myself to use 8.1 as my job will roll it out soon :(
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