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  1. This is the reason why I opened a topic in "DCS Wishlist" a while ago to have the ME option to set ground units to "Warm" or "Active". So that they have heat signature from start on. Dont know if this is considered for a future feature...
  2. I can answer the question about the status: He is working on it.
  3. Yes, in the meantime it is no problem for me anymore! Thank you guys!
  4. Hello! Would be nice to be able to filter for all things regarding Aerges Mirage. Thanks
  5. Please forgive my inexperience... The seeker null - no tone when tgt is in middle of msl fov? - is this a limitation (or side effect) or a feature on a real AIM9B? Just curious to get more insight into the inner workings of our weapons.
  6. I started again with the Mig21 after some absence from her (2 or 3 years where I flew all the other modules). You will notice that it is not the newest module in DCS but the overall immersion is still awesome - in terms of textures and sound. The button assignments need an overhaul I think, newer modules have much more options (Options for Toggle OR fixed position for example) I would say the Flightmodel is very good, she flies like I imagine an old Mig should fly (I am no real pilot, so I only have what I THINK should be right as reference) - You should watch your speed, stay above 500kmh at all times - except for landing. For landing you also have to watch speed, when she is slow with flaps and gear out she will go down fast, but after a few landings you get a feeling fast. Ignore the cockpit rattle, she will NOT fall apart (and you have slider for that in special settings) She is not made for dogfight, more for Radar commanded intercepting - AWACS or GCI gives you vectors, you go there and trie to make the enemy go boom before dogfight starts... but if needed you can do this as well - just watch your speed and dont kill your engine with Zero G maneuvers or too much G's. If you do so, the Restart procedure is short and done fast but you need enough altitude. You can have a ton of fun with her in MP on the Enigma server for example. She also has some A2G ordnance but I never used it much, someone else have to tell about this part. In terms of development state... I think they still work on her but I dont know how much. Last time I heard something about an cockpit overhaul, dont know if this is still a thing. ALL IN ALL: You can have a lot of fun with the Mig21 - She has its quirks but they add to her personality! She looks complicated but her systems are not that hard to understand. Have Fun!
  7. Does it make sense to report such bugs for our old lady? I had read something about a cockpit overhaul coming... sometime in the future?
  8. Hello! I am not sure if this relates to an older Bug already reported because it looks a little bit different. When in rain with the cockpit closed the cockpitglass is flashing when moving. In the video I move the view with the mouse but normaly I use TrackIR. With TrackIR this bug is highly annoying because it is always flashing... EDIT: I dont use any shaders or mods or cockpit mods for the mig! EDIT: I dont use any shaders or mods or cockpit mods for the mig!
  9. Tested again, worked normal... must have been a mission problem.
  10. Is this Bug back? I have all set correct but no chance getting any response from AWACS for example.
  11. Thats right, I think I over-complicated things here... In fact it is awesome that ED does it with updates. I forgot that we most probably would have to buy all modules again with a complete new version. Thank you ED (I would buy all things again, because they are awesome)
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