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  1. I did just read the changelog... Identifying targets by george is not mentioned. Is it also planned for june? Thank you
  2. Thank you guys, will play more qith gain and contrast!
  3. He is pretty good... One bad thing is that he shoots at friendlys without any warning. Identifying friend or foe is only possible when you know the exact position or show the TADS video feed on your pilot MPD. Another thing is the spotting list where you can choose your target. It only says "Tank" or "IFV"... would be nice to see type like "T72" or "ABRMS" (for abrams, as example). But I consider both points as "Work in progress" and think this will change in the future.
  4. Is it just me or is the FLIR on the harrier useless? I find targets more easy with CCD. With FLIR it is just a green or black (in black hot) mess. One cant tell the difference between a truck and ground. Shouldnt this system make it easyier to find targets? Not camouflage them? Also the green filter on the Harrier optics is way too green. Any way to use the optics better, or mod them? Thank you
  5. I found the YT Channel of Flying Badger - I relearned the Harrier lately and he has some very good Harrier content. But he has in general some very good DCS content! Have Fun! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMllmEr2sU3ACPXWi-eEmcg
  6. I think this is Drag Index. A number that represents a numerical summup of how much drag your aircraft has to fight because of loadout (bombs, pods, rockets...) I think this is found on vrest page.
  7. Relatively new to the Harrier, but I've noticed that if I only add T01 to the map it's not imported, if I add T02 it will be imported. So it seems that it is still needed! Thank you for crosschecking! If you put one empty somewhere on the map and after that T01, T02... it should import it in the right order.
  8. When making the marks on the F10 map, do I still need to make the first markpoint empty or T00 as name? Or has this changed in recent updates? Thank you
  9. https://youtu.be/nW6rGkMvsxQ Casmos (real apache pilot) insight into LMC.
  10. Hello! Is the new DCS Voice chat used by any servers? I found that they still use SRS. Please take part in the poll, I am curious to see how it comes along in the community. If you used it, do you like it? Thank you!
  11. I think CA is last on any backlog... dont want to say "abandoned"
  12. Me and a friend had the same problem when flying in the same mission. After takeoff we could see the Radar Altitude on the IHADSS. We climbed out of the Radar Altimeter range (1500ft) in Cruise mode we could see the Baro Alt, but after switching back to Transition mode and descending below 1500 ft (we were definately below 1500ft rad alt because we could see dust from the ground ) the Radar Alt was never shown again on the IHADSS. I wanted to know if this is already reported?
  13. Disregard, as I said in the post above yours - the problem I had has nothing to do with realistic performance or engine handling. I found a bug where the aircrafts weight is not updated after rearming - this was the reason why I thought the aircraft is underpowered. I know that weights are important and should be planned ahead.
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