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  1. Anyone knows which angle the doorgunner has... so that we know how we should position to the target? 90° to 100° or something?
  2. Fly F18 if you want a full fletched out radar...
  3. Would be nice to have two more pickles!
  4. Still not working after last Update, no volume potentiometer is doing anything. Just reporting.
  5. I dont think that this switch is commanding a close combat radar scan. This is the function of the TEL/BPZ switch. The C+M/SW switch only selects A2A Gun and the Heatseekers.
  6. Cant imagine that the real aircraft always shuts down its engine om the slightest wake xD
  7. Select the switch to Bidons if you have Ext Tanks, and leave it at Liss if no Ext tanks. This sets up the right sequence for current config.
  8. Yes, this tool looks like made for the F1, she has such a weird AB position.
  9. So far I found that it stays in after startup and for taxi... after takeoff and retracting the gear it pops out so that you dont have an over sensitive NWS on landing. I turn it on again when I leave the runway. I think this is intended - and I think this is a clever system.
  10. Okay, it seems I should give her more time... will train this Thanks guys!
  11. I think it works like the sidewinders... Put the target at the upper edge of the HUD Glass to get tone and fire.
  12. Hello! As the F1 is very sensible in pitch axis I had to apply a curve of 20 (Virpil WarBRD) but with and without the curve I always strike the tail on takeoff. I SLOWLY rotate at 120kts to not more then 12° and wait for takeoff at around 150kts - but the nosewheel seems stuck to the runway until BAAAAAM - the nose snaps up hard and the tail strikes the ground.... It feels very uncontrollable. Bug or misshandling?
  13. EVERY button or dial with more then 2 positions has only full left/right.
  14. It seems that if you have the Glareshield of the Radar hidden then you also cant see the Lable of the safetypin. (Found this here in the Bugs section)
  15. Ahaaa, that is the reason why I could not see it! I searched for it after I saw it in an youtube video. Thank you!
  16. When I search for a binding in a new Aircraft I always check the name via the Tooltip (holding the mouse cursor over the knob in question). Most of the time the name is something similar in the assignments menu. Tooltips are avtivated via the DCS settings menu.
  17. I hope this gets an early fix, as it seems that every button in the assignments with more than two positions has this full left/right bug.
  18. Yes, very annoying in an ircraft which rellies completely on groundstations for navigation...
  19. Yes, I know, but I wanted to report it. As this is a pretty useless assignment.
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