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  1. Not entirely true. Legacy Hornets that don't have EGI but separate modules for INS and GPS can also provide position based on only GPS or only INS.
  2. I see people confusing aspects about how an INS works. One thing is position and another different thing is orientation. For the INS to know its orientation in space, it needs an alignment, which is a incredible complex process to understand, but for all intended purposes let's say it just needs to learn what the north is and how it is positioned in relation to it, as well as knowing its absolute position in 3D space. Absolute, not relative. Next we have the position part of the INS which it can never learn on its own. That's why it needs a manual input of relative position like coordinates, just XY. Or it can have it input by an external source like GPS. Now, drift in an INS means the accumulated errors made by dead reckoning. Minimal errors that get accumulated and bigger as time goes by. So drift only affects the position keeping abilities of an INS, but no its orientation part. Therefore, an INS that is able to suck data from an external source like a GPS can have its position updated each N period of time, and calculate for other purposes what the accumulated error was. Wags video only applies for GPS denied situations. That's all. Hope it helped.
  3. Thanks, only fifth posts and you were much more helpful than the other guy. I always turn ECM on and leave it on in the mirage for example and never trashed an amraam without having to manouver hard. Would the issue have occured if I had turned it on and off a few times?
  4. Not only I am not trolling in any attempt to cover anything, I am not a fan of eagle dynamics's working methodologies, in fact I think DCS is in its worst state ever. So you missed everything. I just don't understand the difference between today and a couple of months ago, that's all. I don't know why it takes you so long to get it.
  5. Something doesn't add up IMHO. If the mirage, f14 and don't know what other FF module could always trash amraams like candies I would have noticed it, and it would have exploaded way before this thread. I still don't understand the issue, and probably because of the same reason why ED hasn't showed up here yet.
  6. If it had you wouldn't have had to post that "reply". Again, why all the fuss?????? Why this post? Why complaining if it was always like this?
  7. So yes? I could have done that? Why is it an issue now? Why all the fuss here in this post if it was always this way?
  8. Why all the fuss then? I thought this was a new bug introduced. Im sorry I may be missing the point here.
  9. Thank you. So if I for instance would have blinked the ecm on and off in the mirage months ago I would have trashed all active missiles? Or this is due to the hornet's update?
  10. Can someone help me understand the issue here? I can see dcs is completely broken right now but I would like to know what the specific issue is. I saw the OP saying ECM and some chaff generated the bug, but then you guys talked about ECM blinking. So what is the exact bug here?
  11. So wags posted a mini update with a huge task list. A tremendous amount of work. Sad to see that the MSI+LWTS simulation will continue to be broken. I keep opening threads in hope to see it mentioned as a fix. There are many useless things they are working on while they could be fixing big major bugs. Coupled autopilot???? Jesus christ... do we really want that before being able to fly with the MSI in LTWS working? Who decides priorities in ED? I'm shocked tbh.
  12. The lack of it is creating more confusion than if the OP didn't even exist.
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