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  1. Later when all the obvious bugs will be gone? lol yeah, ok. I recently used a free trial of the A8 which is a fully released product only to find that most of the air to ground ordnance is not working correctly... It does seem odd to not have the trial there from the start, but whatever, it's their product and their decision. I'm ok to wait until a free trial for the Mosquito is available, and if necessary to wait until it is fully finished.
  2. From Wikipedia: Early in the war, Marat Tischenko, head of the Mil design bureau visited Afghanistan to see what the troops thought of his helicopters, and gunship crews put on several displays for him. They even demonstrated maneuvers, such as barrel rolls, which design engineers considered impossible. An astounded Tischenko commented, "I thought I knew what my helicopters could do, now I'm not so sure!"
  3. Are HE rounds for cannon planned? I don't recall seeing that anywhere.
  4. It felt a bit twitchy for me at low speeds at first, too. I have a 7cm extension and I tried using curves and reducing the y saturation on pitch and roll and still couldn't find a setting I was happy with. I ended up going back to full linear on all axis and just practiced nothing but hovering slowly around taxiways and runways without any of the AP channels enabled and after a while it just seemed to click with me and now it almost feels like I can control it with my mind lol.
  5. Nice landing! Excellent video, very informative.
  6. Thanks for this. I flipped this switch when I've been doing cold starts and wondering why things were messed up vs doing a hot start... And now I know why xD
  7. The Hind is amazing. I haven't got around to landing practice yet. Thanks for the notes!
  8. @ataribaby Yep, you are right. I just realised this after watching Growling Sidewinders ATGM video on YouTube.
  9. The binding for me only works to turn the menu commands off. To turn on only works with a keyboard command like clayvt says.
  10. Good stuff. Can't wait to try this out for myself.
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