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  1. Thanks for the log. It is a problem in graphics. Transferred the issue for further work.
  2. Hi! Can you please share your DCS.log and the latest .crash file?
  3. At least the pilot has 15 degrees of available sight depression - 13 deg down from the waterline to the nose plus 2 deg of gun tilt.
  4. Btw, Spanish EF-18MLU has a specific symbology related to Litening and reconnaisance pods (different from USMC version).
  5. So far Litening is not planned. Really a lot of other things to do. :)
  6. Yes, the AG radar picture itself works. It is not integrated into F/A-18 displays yet.
  7. We definitely would like to do this, but plans here are still vague.
  8. Well, F/A-18C is going to have 'a full pack' of complex features needed for other modern jets - AG radar, JHMCS, Link 4/16, HUD repeater, automatic landing, AA radar + long range missiles, 3 displays in the cockpit (one with different rendering method), 2 mission computers, Digital FCS, supersonic flight, arrested landings, HARM, Walleye, JDAM/JSOW, etc... So, yes new compex products will be done faster after F/A-18C.
  9. Yes, it is a great pleasure to work on it :)
  10. Yes, supersonic PFM was one of showstoppers. That is why F-15C/F-5E FMs were worked on before F/A-18C FM. We needed the tech to grow and to become mature.
  11. Смотрим, но отвечать физически времени нет (писать код же еще надо). Спасибо нашим тестерам, что отвечают. :)
  12. О, как интересно. Похоже недавно добавили возможность вешать на другие пилоны. Лет пять назад, еще нельзя было.
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