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  1. I didn't expect a release today, it is done when it is done. What I was hoping for, though, was at least a screenshot or two of the -A in action :)
  2. I remember vaguely that I've read somewhere that on airframes before a certain BUNO, pressing the Autopilot emergency disengage paddle would deactivate the pitch and roll SAS as long as the paddle switch is held. Upon release, the pitch and roll SAS would reactivate. On Tomcats with BUNOs after this certain one, the roll and pitch SAS would stay in the off position when the paddle is pressed. The latter would apply to all AFCS -B's, as that certain BUNO was an A-model built in -84. I assume that HB did their fair bit of research on this matter :)
  3. This applies to DFCS-equipped aircraft. The pitch and roll SAS servos on AFCS-Tomcats, as modelled by HB, are disengaged while the paddle is held depressed.
  4. Bilde ich es mir nur ein oder hat sich die Darstellung der Texturen deutlich verbessert? Mir fiel gerade bei meiner Testrunde die bessere Lesbarkeit der Instrumente auf, die Bodentexturen wirkten auch detaillierter und weniger verwaschen als sonst. Settings und Treiber unverändert, fahre eine 1070Ti
  5. If you're looking for a soundtrack during your Tomcat missions and are into quality Heavy Metal, check this out:
  6. Also Ziel ist ein Release noch in diesem Jahr vor Weihnachten, ansonsten hält man sich lieber bedeckt...
  7. ED hat die ersten Bilder zur Verfügung gestellt: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/downloads/screenshots/1065/
  8. I'd say that's a bristol pegasus engine judging by the struts infront of each cylinder.
  9. hats off to you that you go the extra mile and don't settle with superficial engine modelling!
  10. und Afghanistan ließe sich gut an die SoH map anschließen. Man denke an carrier ops...
  11. imagine some cheeky one-liners from jester while dogfighting or when the landing didn't go as planned :D
  12. thanks Spudknocker, that shall keep me entertained till football (some may call it soccer...) starts
  13. Hi guys, i've searched the whole forum, but i can't seem to find anything similar to my problem. I wanted to do a clean open alpha install, wiped the old version and started the freshly downloaded updater. It works fine for a couple 100mbs, but then the updater just freezes. It even wont let me kill the process in the task manager, only solution is a reboot. Tried downloading a couple of times, disabled my AV, etc., same result. Any ideas? Thx in advance, Flo
  14. dit wär schnaffte morgen :thumbup:
  15. gibts schon einen vernünftigen free flight server für die viggen? ein wenig rumheizen und auf landstrassen landen (challenge!) wäre erstmal ganz nett, bevor ich tiefer in die materie einsteige
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