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  1. Okay so it is not a bug but rather a feature. I thought this would be a hardware setting o an MFD in real life. Please disregard the report then. That's good to know.
  2. The brightness settings of the MFD is not display-based but screen based. For example when you increase the brightness of the AA radar screen then you go to test page on that same MFD, the brightness level reverts back. For each single screen you must adjust again and again.
  3. See the picture. When setting the GBU-38 parameters which one is the impact angle? Blue or Red?
  4. Maybe you should re-check if you are doing something wrong. I did not understand exactly what problem you are facing. Maybe you can read some tutorials, watch videos and check button assignments.
  5. I can buy this module just for its afterburner visual effects
  6. What is the latest situation on this topic today?
  7. In the first mission I completed the flight and landed back. Then tower was talking as if I hadn't landed yet. Mission score was 0. Took off and landed back. Mission pts became 100. Enjoyed the first mission. Looking to fly the next. Thanks! Edit: BTW the wingman did absolutely nothing. I told to engage bandits but was doing nothing. Then his fuel was depleted and he ejected on the way back. Best fighters in the world = DCS wingmen
  8. Thanks for the info. I will try it next time.
  9. I had STPT 4 selected in front of me and tried to move the cursor without going to FZ or SP. I move the cursor and then cursor comes back again and again. Everytime the radar sweeps that point, cursor comes back to its original place. What am I doing wrong?
  10. Same happens to me also. Not always, but it happened multiple times. When launching my last AIM-120, sometimes a sidewinder also goes off the rail. I was thinking my hardware is somehow having debouncing problem.
  11. HARM threat table in real life is not a constant list of threats with certain numbers. The RWR library is built based on intelligence info and it can be different for every equipment/flight. In DCS we assume that there is a static library and it is defined in RWR then we go ahead and select whatever is necessary. But yes pre selected threats can be assigned to MFD buttons by DTC.
  12. There should be more emergency procedures in general. I mean correct hydraulic, electric failure generation and applied procedures.
  13. The INS information is totally lost when the engine is shut down or INS is turned off. After restarting the engine or switching the INS to stored heading for a new alignment, the jet thinks that it is in its original position where the game started it before. Obtaining the coordinates from GPS is not simulated. Yet.
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