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  1. enjoy your hardware seem good enough to enjoy the dcs world in vr not the best on the today market for the gpu side but it could provide you a very good experience!!! welcome aboard of rift s users....:thumbup::thumbup::thumbup:
  2. gametrix jet seat where to buy Hello Andre, I'm Marco from Italy where can I buy a Gametrix jetseat 908? Did you sell the products? please let me know... Also the price pls have a Nice night Marco G. Sanna
  3. Oculus rift as primary, start dcs with oculus in standby launch mission and as you get splash screen switch on oculus that's all when you finish as you click exit from popup menu switch off oculus. ...
  4. As stated some post ago with a I7 3770k o.c. to 4.6mhz and a single gtx970 full maxed out no judder at all , with a identical machine and a gtx970 sli and i7 clocked at 4.2mhz lot of judder pushing it to the 4.5 barrier o.c. judder disappear...... so as staded since the first version dcs is cpu based not gpu. For my madness I've also tried oculus with the first machine and gtx 660 sli stock version, the result is similar little or no judder even with full activated, the only difference is with Mig21bis but only on ground in crowed missions, lot of judder but when you fly in sky all judder are gone.... but it's a mig module problem..... Oculus fps with 970 single card 72 to 129 fps Oculus fps with 970 sli 99 to 146 fps Oculus fps with 660 sli 64 to 110 fps Without oculus in 1920x1080 with every module, in any situation no Less than 89 fps.... Without oculus at 5780x1080 trimonitor setup costant 79 fps. Mistery of dcs engine.....
  5. SO TRUE YOU ARE RIGHT nothing is so real as oculus
  6. Same boat as you with a gtx 970 msi o.c. similar performance with a I7 o.c. to 4.6.... Simply fantastic, cockpit shadow are broken with oculus
  7. Hi battguano, I had two rig one with a 660ti sli, and the other with a new 970, the performance is just about the same, gtx660ti in sli perform very well, you have some microstutter but it's a Sli problem...... don't expect 75fps in every situation but it's very playable. Gtx 970 perform better no microstutter and no issue at all some judder in some module. So be relaxed your sli will do the job.....
  8. With Nvidia card seem yes. In an case there are post on the oculus rift dev forum to get rid of ipd problems, (you create a profile edited and saved only for WT) :pilotfly: It would be interesting to see if edge is optimized engine for get full use of CPU multicore and GPU, because with modern graphics card like GTX (from 660 to the last 970/980) DCS use only a minor percentage of GPU power, never more than 65% of their calculation power...... I've noticed that if you use Vsync, the gpu sits on 45% max that's a pity because if you use Oculus more power is more fps. My GTX 970 from MSI Gaming edition on a single display without fps limit (editing config.lua and set fps limit to 999) reach constantly 160/170 fps with some 220 fps hits and drop below 140 fps during firing, with a surround setup with 3 monintor and bezel correction 6020x1080 in my case the fps is always up to 85 fps constantly even in congested situation. If I use super sampling upscaling and displaying a 4k res obtaining a monstrous resolution I get 55/75 fps.
  9. You can look around, up and down and you can also lean over the panel but not too much, the zoom( leaning toward instruments is limited) as stated before is something similar to a 3dof and half not really 6dof but somenthing more than3dof. But cockpit are not clickable as dcs, but if you have a good stick and throttle and rudder pedal you can command almost everything. Warthunder is much more a historical battle simulator, with a strange market, you must play battle, over battle to advance and unlock more airplanes. But even during 50 player campaign or battle you don't loose a frame! It cover from WWII era to first jet combat( f86 - mig 15 korean war). Really nice and very accurate graphics and physics[emoji16] [emoji16] [emoji16]
  10. 6dof is not supported, it's a sort of 3dof and half. But with some edit of config.blk in warthunder directory and you get off to The strange vision of glass in cockpit ( a sort of double vision around glass) This is The rift part: oculus{ maxSeparation:r=0.0005 predictionEnabled:b=no k1:r=0.5 fovMul:r=1.2 edgeScale:r=0.95 zeroParallaxDist:r=3 k2:r=0.666 magnetometerEnabled:b=no } You need to edit edgescale to 0.15 And you are right! Give it a try, it's a wonderful simulator
  11. Sorry for bad res of picture but the setting are clearly set to full and the fps is clear..... a little bit ot but the result are spectacular using a Gtx 970, I7 3770k and 16 gb of ram To obtain the fps I use msi afterburner and rivatuner service to display the result on screen.
  12. It is very interessant to see how with a new graphic engine like warthunder you get wonderful results: as you can see everything is set to full, and as you see the fps is huge...... no judder at all, and WT support oculus only at beta stage, we cannot use 6dof cockpit but only 3dof Crossing fingers for edge.....
  13. I'll explain what I'm doing with Oculus dk2, 1 set Oculus in extended Mode and set as Primary monitor. 2 turn off oculus and your "normal monitor" become primary 3 installed the free plug-in called DCOC v2.2 or 2.3 I don't remember but last updated one 4 launch prepar3d as usual, during loading appear a dialog that ask you to turn on Oculus and press Enter 5 wear oculus and a new 3d panel appear, you can navigate it with arrow keys, and esc key 6 set all with the oculus press esc and you are inside the cockpit of the plane you have choose 7 fly..... esc to re-enter the menu and change all the option you can imagine, (it's like to see a megascreen). Prepar3d v2 have a lot of planes and you can also use fsx planes.. ask more if you like:thumbup::thumbup::thumbup::thumbup:
  14. Thank Chris! Have a Good re-install! I hope that may resolve your problems (By the way I have tried dcs and warthunder with a 4k on my Gtx970) the fps are spectacular 80 fps on dcs and 88 on warthunder all maxed out.... So your card is even better than mine ( even if msi gtx970 overclocked is a little more brutal than a stock gtx 980 )
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