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  1. WIP. Not implemented yet (gunsight is currently not getting radar data). Aerges has posted a list with items currently worked on all that things are in there. Slightly of topic, could you also explain how the rapid gun was working on the F1CG? Did it selected guns and sidewinders and commanded a close combat scan ?
  2. Nice! Could you also do the following CG livery (standard blue)? It has written greek island in ancient style format on the right side of the fuselage, in this case it's the island of ΛΗΜΝΟΣ (LIMNOS), s/n 116. You have to put it behind the letters ΠA.
  3. Another vote for the F-16C Block30 + pseudo F-16N). But hasn't Wags said that there are no plans for other viper variants?
  4. Yep, what the other users have said. From the F1CG manual .
  5. it's aluminum. This guy nailed it with his award winning model. Will try to post close up personal photos I have from F1cg, if you are interested. http://www.gmodelart.com/2018/01/mirage-f-1cg-135-kitty-hawk-148-by.html?m=1
  6. Aerges has mentioned something regarding stick sensitivity in the last page (130) of the manual A nd the use of rudders is mandatory at slow speed high aoa to roll the ac. Much more stable and forgiving than the F-14. Curvature 20 for me does the job for both modules
  7. The key to prevent the nose to come down and perform a correct aerodynamic braking is to be in the correct position at touchdown. According to the pattern diagram at short final you keep rpm above 7000 / i 10 deg speed / ~ 150 kts (typical landing weight 8700kg / 1000lt fuel remaining). Just before the touchdown you flare the ac by bringing the nose up so that you have the I at 13 degr and after the main gear comes on the runway you throttle back to idle. This stick aft input raises the nose so that the runway in front of you is almost not visible ( you have to raise also the seat and lean forward for better visibility). As a result the ac is already in a perfect position to perform the aero braking , slight aft input on the stick is then required to maintain that position. If you don' t raise the nose sufficient just before the touchdown or if you are to slow the nose landing gear will come come down quickly.
  8. IMO, fully implementation of the radar assisted gunsight must be a top priority for Aerges. Does anybody know at what distance is an F1 that fits perfectly inside the pipper (so the wingspan is exactly the diameter of the circle)?
  9. While i can understand that in the simplified attitude reticle the main bar represents the horizon line (and the 2 secondary lines are representing a sloe of -2.5 kai 5 degr.), i can't understand where the main bar is positioned in the normal attitude reticle
  10. Indeed, it's F1. Have also heard from a former F1(CG) pilot that the 'F' stands for 'Future' (not for 'Fighter').
  11. The R(apid) C(anon)+M(agic)/S(idewinder) on the throttle. Should select gun's + ir's and command a close combat radar scan. We have to see how exactly it will work in the CE.
  12. Actually, it stops showing heading when A/A gun or rapid gun selected. null
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