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  1. What about the strange phenomena when you use small amounts of rudder while braking and <100 km/h with <3000 kg of fuel on an empty plane? The tires don't blow while braking and using the rudder at ~250 km/h, yet somehow one of them blows when the speed falls below 100 km/h. Very strange, but expected in a beta FM. (Oh, I'm back after some years)
  2. You mean a BAE Hawk DCS module. That pic is of one of our F-16's at an airshow, it had trouble keeping rpm, had to jettison droptanks, atc guided him to an ejection point, but he managed to keep in the air barely. Landed safely afterwards.
  3. Fox News....:no_sad: This is the original story, much better that that propaganda agency :) http://www.michaelyon-online.com/warthog.htm
  4. Let's hope they will make their own design this time. And why is Xerox not a Chinese company? Oh well, I bet they have a real Zherroks :P
  5. The triangles are standars symbology for incoming bogeys, has been in use since the Su-27 and Mig-29, standard symbology for the datalink display on the right (and only) CRT screen.
  6. Так же как на 34ке? т.е. неральная сеть? Иле уж как в Файрфоксе :D
  7. OTOH, the design characteristics for it were also strict, it's basically an STOL given the 400m runway requirement. That surprises me more than the stupid talk about the 'lateral bays' and how the compressor would be visible (on paralay it was proven that it is visible for 1/6th, shold it lack any ramps). It may be 20 years behind the YF-22, but I don't think stealth was their main criterea, I'm guessing a de-centralised air warfare structure may be the future for Russia (akin to the highway runways in Sweden). But that is only speculation based on take-off and landing requirements.
  8. All that retarded speculation on airliners.net on how the final Su-50 will look like, 'proven' with the T-10 and the final Su-27. Well gents, spread the word, the T-10 prototype for the Su-27 was rejected because it did not surpass the F-15, hence the T-10 was redone. The final plane will be more likely like with the YF-22 and the F-22, let's hope it won't get uglier like the F-22 did.
  9. What about the Su-27 crash near Komsomolks Na Omur? Could it be that the PAK-Fa already crashed, and the story is being covered up by saying it was a Su-27SM???? :D Well, not funny, the pilot is dead, but he did what he loved, so not a lot of remorse here.
  10. Well, if it performs for 70% of the Raptor's and costs 50%, then it's good value.
  11. Well, Sukhoi said that there will be a press kit available in the begin on January, so it's just a matter of time now, or they must mean January 2011 :P And if it crashes during the first flights, let's we'll get to see how well the next generation of the K-36 ejection seat is performing :D (my sick fascination with ejection seats :P) EDIT: P.S., over at paralay dot ru there is a new reminder not to disclose information about the PAK-FA. I think someone got a message from the Russian security services over there :P Let's hope the press kit will be released soon.
  12. What, you think the prototype will crash on your house? :P
  13. There was also in incident with a Harrier, after a birdstrike the engine spooled down, the pilot ejected, and the rocket flame (Martin Baker seats have two nozzlesangles inwards) cleared the bird remains, so the plane flew on pilotless until it ran out of fuel. http://www.ejectorseats.co.uk/ejection_from_a_harrier.htm
  14. "I am, 'bort' (ship number) zero-two, threshold of angle of attack" ---> nothing fancy, just that the real Betty also says which plane number the warning is coming from.
  15. All this talk about an obolete missile that was only made for export. For the PAK-FA they're already testing a new kind of A-A missiles, so those will be interesting, the RVV-AE was a nice missile, and it's upgraded a bit for the export customers, but that's it, it's not some kind of radical redesign (like the Aim-120D). And even then, the Meteor will spank both the Aim-120D and the R-77 quite hard.
  16. But recent generation APS also have the capability to deflect kinetic penetrators... So it's still about shortening the laser illumination period.
  17. Well, if a safe landing is very difficult or impossible, or there is not enough time to safely land the aircraft, then ejection is recommended. The Su-27's Betty even says when a fault is unrecoverable, for example when the hydraulics for the flight controls fail, she points out the flight envelope limitations (speed under 800 kph, Angle of attack no more than 10 degrees, or something like that, forgot the exact numbers), and promptly follows with "If no control authority persists within the limitations: eject" The voice informator on the Mig-AT for example, in that famous 'no tail surface landing' video, Betty also says: "Ship 81 (or so, may not be 81), failure of FCS, end the assignment (ie: eject)" The Ataka voice message in the Ka-50 means that some tank is using the laser to guide a projectile your way, that's why it says Ataka :P
  18. Here's a rarer dogfight: Su-27 x4 vs Mig-29 x4, Russian AF. http://www.apacheclips.com/media/11846/4_Su-27_vs_4_MiG-29/
  19. Don't know if this has been posted before: A merge between 4 Su-27 and 4 Mig-29s, this is the HUD tape from a Su-27. http://www.apacheclips.com/media/11846/4_Su-27_vs_4_MiG-29/
  20. Yes, I downloaded that episode from pilot.strizhi.info, very informative, one of their best shows. Together with the Yak-36/38 episodes, with the simultaneous ejection sequence on the Yak-38U, very cool.
  21. HUD made by thales, so it's basically your Mirage HUD, so also the thrust indication on the top right. I really like the way the voice informer says: End the task (eject). On the Su-27, in the event of a complete hydraulics failure detection the Betty in there says something like "Angle of attack limit: no more than 10 degrees, if no adequate control can be established: eject!" The Yak-130 guys had less luck, their FBW computer went haywire too, but the plane ended up uncontrollable in an inverted dive, so they did eject. Wonder if we'll ever see the tapes of that one. Believe it was prototype number 2.
  22. Until you have a hydraulics failure and can't lower the flaps...
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