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  1. 4 hours ago, Doughguy said:

    so i made the transistion from the p51 to the dora and stacked few hours innit already.

    its a different beast and its giving me a headache.

    do you guys set curves on the stick aswell like on the mustang and/or add bit of flaps during turn?

    to me it feels like the dora is departing much faster than the p51 in any turns. even if i turn inverted into a dive and apply light stick pull (eg following a mustang) the dora starts shaking violently and departs very fast. same in a steep climb. granted i fly against ai mainly but but the comparison alone makes it feel weird. given the fact ones supposed to dive and get away from the opponent the moment you depart makes you a sitting duck.

    is it just me or someone else feels the same way? 


    Dora is definitely departing much faster then P-51, the Fw190 have at same given Speed ah much lower maximum possible G-Force in Turns because the Construction of the wings had some flaws. (Wingflex was not ok) Also Wingload of the Dora is much higher then that of the P51 also the 190 used NACA Profiles that was know for sharp Stall characteristic without much Warning in form of Stickshacke. And the maximum Lift is less then of the P-51.

    The 190 uses type of Split-flaps that are easy to conctruct but they offer little to no lift with a harsh drag penalty compared to the  plain Flap of the P-51.Would use only small amount of Flaps or no Flaps at all.

    The 190 requires ah carefull type of Flying with smooth Stick inputs more the type energy Maneuvers and outfly your Opponent and not outturn him. 



  2. The AI was at least for me perfect doable to dogfight and a good Training. Never saw any UFO in DCS?  What we have now is hopefully not the new norm AI and only a BUG.

    Would pretty sad even the ace AI is a soft washed mass compatible product to please all People without Dogfight experience.  

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  3. Something is changed recently in AI behavior, can not get them to proper Dogfighting anymore. Seem's the AI is active avoiding the player, special Head On shooting is also gone on Ace Skill. Any suggestion what maybe can edit? Tryed so far CAP and Fightersweep and different Waypoint Actions.

    But nothig was helpfull, the AI is flying defensive big circles around you.


  4. 2 hours ago, Amarok said:

    Sicherung E96 ist eingeschaltet, MW50.Schalter betätigt und nix passiert.
    Der Druckanzeiger bleibt auf Null.

    Im Missionseditor auch MW50 voreingestellt. Irgendeine Idee was fehlt?

    Sollte eigentlich genau so funktionieren. MW50 Switch an;aus ist "E" auf der Tastatur und einfach volle Kraft nach vorne mit dem Throttel.


  5. 8 hours ago, Boomer_G-Loc said:

    It happens during the P51 vs P51 dogfight instant action in the Caucasus region.

    1st time it was about 30 seconds into the flight right after the merge. I didn't see  him fire at me, but assumed I had been  hit. 

    After that, it kept happening, but only seconds into the game (like 2 or 3 seconds after start).

    Each time I would do an emergency landing into a field. And I don't know if the game allows it, but on the way down, I'd try for an emergency restart,  but get absolutely nothing. 

    When starting the gameflight, the engine is already at the default game starting throttle setting, and again, this is now happening within the first 2 - 3 seconds of gameplay. 

    All my engine gauges appear normal when it happens,  only thing I see happen is the  ammeter drops from normal to zero when the engine quits, but all else seems normal, unless I'm missing something deeper here....

    I started saving and reviewing the tapes, and the opponent is not shooting at me, so I am not hit at the  merge. 

    Can someone tell me what's going on here?

    I have the 2.7 DCS version that is  *not* the open beta one. 


    Maybe check where your RPM Lever is when you air spawn, it is located next to the Throttel. Possible inverted Axis there?  Usually this destroys your Engine pretty fast when the  Lever is in Idel RPM and the Engine is running full Boost with the Throttle. RPM Lever should be also fully Foward like the Throttle.

  6. 17 minutes ago, Aesirhunter said:

    I guess when you talk about the ground attack version you mean the F-8 variant that was adapted to use 96 octane fuel (C3). I agree about MW50, about A-8/R4, GM 1 injection was implemented but it was not widely used, the most used rüstsatz for A-8 were: R2, R6, R7 and R8. And don't worry about that, all good.


    All  of the Fw-190 was running on C3 Fuel, Jabos (Ground Attack) getting a additional Spray Bar what was injecting the C3 Fuel direct in to the Blower. Cooling the Supercharger Air and probably more rich Fuel/Air mixture will cool the Engine do evaporation of the additional Fuel for the heavy loaded Ground Attack Planes. F8 or G8 190s


    109 aswell the 190 dont feature a intercooler to for the Supercharger Air, that why this additional C3 was working. Like Water from the P-47.


    Both is called erhöhte Notleistung C3 Injection aswell the increased Boost for the Fighter Variant without C3.

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  7. 1 hour ago, Aesirhunter said:


    I am not saying ED should implement that version but at least the C3 injection one (which I said it was the most used version), I was just indicating the max speed with MW50 at 5920 m that was tested back in the day, let me know your sources too if you want mate.


    Sorry when i was sounding a little bit rude but this comes up every Week and no one seems able to use the Forum Search Function. A8 "Fighter" emergency Power (erhöhte Notleistung) is simpley increased Boost without C3 1.58/1.65 Ata. Ground Attack Version was running with C3 but "only" in the lower Blower with 1.65 Ata.

    And the Idear of Mw50 was completely dropped after the BM801 was not doing well with  it (cracked Pistons) and the effort of to build and refit was to much for 10-15 kmh Speed increase.

    The Document was posted in some Thread 1-2 Weeks ago...

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  8. 3 minutes ago, Aesirhunter said:


    I don't expect Anton to perform better at high alt, ceiling service of 11410 m, it should have 1730 hp, max speed should be 656 km/h at 4800 m and 685 km/h with injection MW50 at 5920 m, there were also A-8 with GM-1 and the most used, Erhöhte Notleistung emergency power system (C3 injection). If ED don't implement at least the C3 injection with proper stats then we are not talking about the "Fw 190 A-8" we are talking about a prototype and should be sold as such because you should include at least as other variant in-game the proper features of this aircraft.


    Source: Javier Ormeño book about Fw 190

    Don't think ED will implement complete fictional Aircraft like with MW50 that was appart from 5 Prototyps never build. Erhöhte Notleistung with C3 was used for Ground Attack Planes with only  allowed in the first Gear of the Supercharger.  Would not read that Book.

  9. Hmm schwierig zu Beurteilen, normal funktionieren die FFB Sidewinder eigentlich reibungslos mit DCS ohne das irgendwas großartig verstellen musst.

    Die X-Achse vielleicht irgendwo doppelt belegt in den Optionen?

    Guter Tipp unter Achsenoptionen zu den jeweiligen Modulen musst du bei FFB Einstellungen immer Swap-Axis anklicken sonst kommen die Kräfte auf der falschen Achse an.


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  10. 13 minutes ago, Krez said:

    What about GM1? How widely was that used on the A-8?


    Without Source i think that was not used or absolute limited Numbers. Because in the A8 they incorporated the Fuel Tank in the Fuselage to increase the Range, with his appropriate Setup to feed the Engine with the Fuel Lines.

    GM1 as MW-50 required a pressurised injection System that was spraying in to the Super Charger. After the MW-50 System was never used appart from some test Run's on the Fighter Version, think GM-1 also wasnt much more then on the Paper. Given the high Altitude Performance of the A8 lackluster at best. So 109 would be probably also the better choice for GM-1 that was used most of the Time as Fighter Cover for the Antons.

  11. 7 minutes ago, Krez said:

    C3 injection is Erhöhte Notleistung.
    I thought only the F8's got C3?



    Most cases the Ground Attack Variant F/G 8 are using C3 Inection Kits. The Fighter Variant A8 uses only increased Mainfoldpressure without C3.

    Both have the same ATA 1.58/1.65.

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  12. 1 hour ago, DD_Fenrir said:

    Whilst I laud any inclusion that can make any aircraft in DCS more flexible and help represent a wider operational period it is worth pointing out that just because the A-8 is cleared to use EN boost from "July" (that's a very vague date) does not mean that on the 1st July 1944 all Fw 190A-8s across all fronts suddenly and magically would or should have this available.


    For one, the Jagdwaffe were busy having their backs ripped open in Normandy, their base movements chaotic and the dissemination of this information to unit level highly speculative, and even if received, it could be rightly questioned as to the priority this modification would be afforded when they were under almost daily attack on the ground, undoubtedly struggling for spares and manpower to keep the aircraft they had airworthy as is.


    I suspect this modification would have been far more representative among the Fw 190A units as units withdrew and re-equipped in August and September.

    The modfication was actually done in 30 minutes by the Ground Crew was not lot of work. Posted that Document a while back in the MW50 or not discussion. Not like retrofiting complete MW50/C3 Installation. Only the Pressure Regulator was modified to run full boost that could provided by the supercharger,  mechanical Control unit of the fw190 was able to adjust fuel mixture accordingly. Think after the clearence of the EN Boost the crews quickly modified this in July. 


    But anyway dont think this Future EN Boost or removing wing cannons will come in the near Future.


  13. After the Update they split up the Key Commands and the Observation Switch moved to the Gunner Position. Probably missed something but i am now unable to tell Petrovitch to close the Protection Doors and Store the Sight from the Pilot Seat?

    Is there new Switch or intercomm Command for this?


    After breaking away  from the Target he will close is it, but immediatley open again when you fly level.

  14. Dont want to link some K4 Cockpit Profiles because that particular Website who have some of the K4 Cockpit Pictures doesnt like it when you share this around will respect this. But when you google BF-109 K4 Cockpit will eventually come acros pretty fast in first row of Google Pictures around a cockpit drawing in German that looks more less like the DCS K4 Cockpit.


    First thing you will immediatley found out the Cockpit when you look carefully the Drawing, there not even Lamps for the MG 151 Gun Pods in the Panel.

    Looks like some of the Panels have this Lights for" ready to fire" for the Gunpods someone not.

    This far from every K4 can be equipped by default with Gunpods.


    Next the drawing is from a pre production K4 with all sorts of Switches labeled as will be "removed on production Aircraft". Special the Wfr.Gr.21 Rockets labeled there as Nebelwerfer all Switches completely removed.


    In this Video you see crashed K4 White 8 what is inspected by allied ground Troops, under the MW50 Switch there only a hole in the Panel where the MK108 WrfGr Switch should be.




    Next thing Gunpods will effect the FM Roll Rate center of Gravity good luck with asking this 🙂

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  15. Hi baloueb,


    Grad mal geprüft, bei mir gehts noch einwandfrei Vergaservorwärmung noch mit allen Tasen/Achsen Belegen. Meisten passiert das wenn die Input Files kopiert wurden oder hat beim Patch irgendwas bei den Belegungen zerhauen. PS. Ich bin aber auf Beta Standalone...Steam Stable kann anderst sein...


    Mal DCS Repair drüber laufen lassen? Wenn das nicht hilft dan musst die Ordner für das benutzer spezifische Modul zur Tasten Belegung löschen..


    Würde dir empfehlen wo die Benutzer Dateien unter gespreicherte Spiele/DCS/Config/Inputs/ den P-51 Ordner komplett zu löschen und dan einmal DCS Repair drüber laufen lassen.


    Aber du musst dan alle Tasten/Achsen neue Vergegeben weil deine kompletten Belegungen weg sind.

  16. 1 hour ago, Grennymaster said:

    Das was mich an dem Vogel am meisten beeindruckt hat war eigentlich immer wie Leise er im Tiefflug ist. Die 105 er hat man schon von ein paar 100m weiter gehört.

    Das kann nur immer wieder beeindruckt bestätigen. Zu meinem Home Airfield verirren sich hin und wieder auch ein paar Apache's und Chinook's am Wochende zum Essen die von Trainings Flügen kommen. Wirklich erschreckend wie leise die Apache sind im Anflug im gegensatz zu Eurocopter und was da sonst noch rumschwirt.

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  17. DCS Replay Funktion ist noch aus der Ur-Flanker Series also schon ein paar Jahrzehnte alt, umso komplexer DCS wurde die letzten Jahre um so mehr hat die Replay/Input Funktion gelitten. Ich persönlich finde gerade seit dem Update 2.7 ist die Replay Funktion ziemlich nutzlos geworden leider. Im MP zeichnet Sie mit viel glück noch 5 Minuten synchron auf bevor alles aus dem Ruder läuft.

    Das ist einer der Core Parts wo ED mal ein neues System implementieren sollte gerade mit hinsicht auf BUG Fixing.


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