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  1. wow seems that the upgraded screens are better...so dissappointed..now!
  2. having same problem tried all....keep me posted...used to work suddenly NOT ingame
  3. Yes someone DONT take this dive! AND ALL THE CARDS ARE $96.88....!! <dont forget>!! PS- not to mention............ "ITS FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE!" SCAMALERT! on the money Littlefloor!!!! ps that card costs=R55 000 plus rands here in S.Africa=$3700.00 USD! frightening!
  4. many thanks gentlemen most appreciated....!
  5. TOOK awhile but they did arrive and am happy ... i know some players are not....!
  6. Just a quick question...has anyone used this card or tested this card in DCS? Palit RTX 3070 Ti GamingPro GPU.....If so whats the performance like etc etc\ many thanks
  7. My take is that not many players can afford the ridiculous prices for the 3090 top end cards. I am hoping that due to lack of these sales in volume the prices will drop shortly.Thats the hope. The whole graphics/framerate/etc etc is a damn headache and negatively affects the general joy of flying and various missions ingame. Especially quite soon we will have moving clouds etc.... still running ryzen 5 200 on a 1080 pallit .....................ALL TURNED LOW and it sux! ReShade! lol https://reshade.me
  8. seems like some sort of cap problem on the controller board...ie cannot handle voltage therefore cuts off def controller board. are the fans on? overheating maybe?
  9. the DO work well but from what I read have failed for a few users....ie must be the age of the electronics ie screen etc...! I am being helluva careful with mine..only using sparingly not on all the time..just a heads up therefore all cubesim monitors should be checked re mnf date this way....
  10. waiting for price drop! period....3090 cards are ridiculously expensive!!
  11. ok but the hwinfo program does not lie....! ps mine were the "upgraded" ones I am led to believe
  12. week 42 1999 which makes the panels/monitors 23 YEARS OLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! suggest use d/nload HWiNFO64 and check...maybe thats why they are failing NOT GOOD
  13. yes believe it or not.....opened to check wiring etc etc also fan noise which really annoys PS FYI when running HWiNfo64 on the screens this is the result: manf date of panels
  14. wow RAPID....stopped working...not good what happened to it? powersupply or panel I dont leave mine on for any extended time ONLY when flying....also those annoying fans....not sure whether to switch off or when to switch off etc so they stay on. also lack of instructions when goods arrived etc....
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