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  1. 7rooper Lonewolf Ping: 127ms 1. F-16 (Blue) 2. A-10C (Blue) 3. MiG-21 (Red)
  2. Hardware is a bitch. It's so risky and costly to manufacture a product and with a much smaller profit than a software company, That's why you don't see many hardware startups
  3. James, your comment in the Ralfy's TM Hornet grip Youtube video review brought me here. I can't wait to see more of your build.
  4. Is the grip off by 4mm? I bought the same files and printed it and felt it was a bit fat and squarish. It isn't a comfortable grip in my hand. I noticed the trigger lacks the groove for the finger too. I still don't know how to interface it to my Warthog base. How did you do it? Where did you get the connector?
  5. What printer and settings did you use to get this beautiful print? Congrats!
  6. Sorry to revive this thread but I'm building a realistic A-10C cockpit too and I'm interested in the pedals topic. I can see from this photo that the pedals are pendular but they're not hinged in the middle! Instead, they have separate mechanisms and that makes me wonder if this allows dual input for the rudder movement giving asymmetrical rudder movement as the A-10C has two rudders... Warhog, your pedals rock and I'd like to know how you improved them or if you finally gave up and bought the Slaw Vipers
  7. https://store.x-plane.org/Hawk-T1A-Advanced-Trainer_p_878.html
  8. I don't know if this has been said before -I don't want to go through 37 pages of discussion- but I think ED should make a Hawk module from scratch and sell it with good discount for those of us who were scammed by VEAO. This solution benefits DCS World too as this plane is really necessary in a combat environment and it's very representative.
  9. 1. No twist for me 2. Compatibility with the Warthog base. For the analog wheel you could use a normal encoder bindable as a Up/down increments for the FLCS function
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