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  1. Correct, the first page is updated recently.
  2. Did you press D/L button twice and pressed ON?
  3. Thanks mbucchia, great stuff as always
  4. I recommend running the OpenComposite.exe on drive C. For some reason, when tried on drive D or E, DCS not started in VR mode at all.
  5. What about temperature? 5800x is known to run hot and wondering is there any improvement with 3D?
  6. No, you can disable it in the OpenXR Tools for Windows Mixed Reality --> Motion Reprojection.
  7. I have excactly the same problem with Windows 11, clean install. This is my second system, works perfectly with win10 that I use mainly.
  8. New OpenCompositeACC version 0.6.1 released: https://gitlab.com/Jabbah/open-composite-acc/-/releases "Now GetProjectionRaw works using viewSpace at start up we can use it to fix the hidden area mesh without the manual steps. Fixed ACC menu appearing low down at start up."
  9. Should I lock my fps to 45 or 30 to get smooth experience without reprojection? Even if I have 50-70 fps I get small stutter / judder / butter. Many here seems to have smooth experience without reprojection. Nvidia control panel maxFPS doesn't work or graphics.lua maxfps.
  10. I have also quite good fps over Syria (55-65), but can't get silky smooth without reprojection argh.
  11. Yeah thanks now it works, found different .dll from Discord and that works for some reason. Attached .dll from mbucchia. edit: have to say, this OpenXR seems to be very promising! No more SteamVR I say. XR_APILAYER_NOVENDOR_toolkit.dll
  12. Tried that .dll, in the DCS menu this works great (Ctrl+F2 opens ok) but when loading any mission I get this error attached.
  13. I keep it off just because I only use DCS and two other sims. Tried to turn it on but can't see any benefit, my cpu is about 6° cooler with HT off.
  14. If you have ryzen CPU, maybe better to wait until fix is released: https://www.pcgamer.com/amd-reports-that-windows-11-may-be-causing-a-performance-dip-of-up-to-15-on-ryzen-cpus/ Anyway I knew this and updated to Win11, no problem with DCS.
  15. Shouldn't you use RAID/FLIR button on the throttle to change targets?
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