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  1. Hello. I always had an idea to take on a massive bomber formation as a mission in DCS. Not so realistic in modern combat, but with the B29 mod & Mig15bis avilable.. it makes sense. Making formation is not so hard. But the problem is that each bomber ditches its assigned waypoint and start taking evasive maneuvers when intercept starts. ED added an option to set AI`s behavior, but fiddling around with "reaction" tab in advanced waypoint option doesnt seem to do anything. Is there any way to make this possible? Thanks in advance. :helpsmilie:
  2. Hi. I have been trying to make a simple night time mission with the Su25. Is there any way I can place some sort of... blinking light on a map via editor? Script, static object, mod... or anything? I searched the forum, but was only able to find one thread related to this. And all the links there were already outdated. Thank you in advance.
  3. Hey, so I finally got my Mig15 to work correctly. Trying to get used to the basic controls, but realized that the engine sound is missing while in cockpit. First thought my audio is just set wrong, but that seems to be not the issue. It sounds fine for first 3 seconds or so, but the engine sound suddenly cuts off (Engine in game is properly working). Tried running repairDCS but no luck. Engine sound works fine in other modules. Any solutions ?
  4. I have tried few, and all of them seems to cause the freeze. Only works while its on the default settings originally set in config file in saved games - DCS.
  5. My driver was actually not up to date. After installing the latest driver & re-installing DCS again, game still freezes at mission launch after resolution change.
  6. I feel like Im getting close... I tried renaming the DCS folder in saved games (did this few days ago), and the game ran. However, as soon as I go to change my resolution and other graphical settings, it gives me the same error.
  7. Yes.. I have tried both from module manager and standalone exe file.. even the Torrent file.
  8. - I dont even own Rift though, and all my config files are erased since I re-installed the game more than 3 times now. Tried fiddling around with Joystick as well, no good news. Im surprised that non of the dev or community staff is trying to help us out here, but I guess its always like this in minor sim games. I gave up, going to wait for another patch from DCS, and hope that fixes it up. Not buying any modules until then.
  9. Here is my system specs. os : win7 ultimate 64bit cpu : i7-3770 3.40Ghz gpu : Asus gtx670 ram : 4x4gb psu : corsair 750w I use to be able to run DCS prior to this update (more like prior to installing Mig15) pretty much maxed out. So Im not sure why its all the sudden causing this issue. Also tried updating joystick driver, unplugging them as well.. no luck.
  10. Where are those files located if you dont mind sharing
  11. Found out this only happens when I apply the Mig15 installer to the DCS World. Then again, I dont get why other are not experiencing this issue. Its really starting to upset me, pre-ordered the product to play as fast as I can.. but ended up running into this annoying problem. Is there any other way to contact support ? Ive mailed ED, but Im guessing itll take few days for them to reply.
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