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  1. Cant find anything on it in the manual. So how do you use the recently implemented autopilot modes?
  2. All three plenty of times and the FPS is as sweet as can be.
  3. Im really wanting the cruise and auto hover modes.
  4. Same here. Totally hooked. It completely pales the experience I had as a kid with Janes Longbow. The Apache has allways been me all time favorite.
  5. I will give it a shot. Thanks for the heads up!!
  6. So i got the Apache from day one, and it’s only now that i can say I’m beginning to master the Apache. But boy she was not a easy beast to tame, maybe it’s because the 64 is my first helicopter module in DCS, and Janes longbow didn’t bring any useful skills, but In the beginning I was really struggling to control her as I had my hand full in not crashing her (which happened more then id like to admit) and to me when playing the 64 in VR it feels almost as if your really taming a wild horse over time, something I wonder about if real life Apache pilots share the sensation of “taming” this machine. But when sufficiently tamed she is a formidable, if not THE most formidable killing machine ever built. To bad the Apache is not well optimized Enough yet that it sometimes causes DCS to turn into a slideshow. Never had that with all the other modules even in early acces. But she works like clockwork on Track IR until VR is more optimized to the point it is on the same level as the other modules such as the F/A-18, F-16 and F-14. But the Apache, she turned out to be a real beast, a beast of war…..
  7. I have the same problem with the CION mission. But only with VR. I tried to recreate the problem in 2D but then it runs fine in the coin mission and any given mission. So for me the problem only occurs in VR.
  8. I didnt have any problems in 2d, only in VR.
  9. I noticed the FPS degrades over time, sometimes to the point is turns into slideshow. I have oculus rift S and good machine. I don’t have this with any all other modules, only with Apache. Tried to replicate without VR but then the Apache runs as smooth as silk
  10. For some reason i cannot move the stick when inside the Pilots position preventing me from manouvering the aircraft. Rudder works fine. Only when i enter external view the joystick reacts. Checked my Joystick in Joy.cpl and was all configured as well as perfecly centered, Checked in DCS and joystick is also centered and perfectly configured. What gives? I assume is some sort of bug, but its completly broke my Apache module.
  11. To whoever composed the last couple of soundtracks/menu music, and in particular the Apache & F-16 model, i gotto say that the music is really good. Especially for soundtrack for the Apache exactly captured the masculinity, deadlyness & highly spectrum action that the AH-64 lives & breathes. I allways listen on 100 % in my headphones when starting up DCS. Well done me lads
  12. Given the fact that we have no training scenario for Hellfire employment yet i had the same problem with Hellfires missing the lased target. But i had figured it out, when you launch the Hellfire the lase is dumped because of it and you must reengage the Laser range finder/laser marker. For best results is Best to keep target lased after launch for the hellfire to zero in on bringing some serious hurtin.
  13. I dare say the first days of this module possibly allready acceded the Total flying hours I logged with Janes Apache longbow back in the days But this module and a decent apache Sim has been so long overdue that I played for 26 hours without sleep lol. This module totally got my weekend upside down, and after some rest, food & beer i show no signs of calling it a day anytime soon. Untill offcourse I must start work again Mondays. Personally i think what makes this module so even more awesome, and it is in itself a true digital masterpiece, is the VR aspect. Man i was working on a my custom made awesome realistic NTTR live fire range for the Apache today? And flying low over the desert sand to the range in the early morning on the NTTR map? And I was like, wtf, im seriously having a hard time distinguishing VR from reality as I could have sworn for a second there I was flying a real Apache over the Nevada Desert.
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