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  1. http://www.belsimtek.com/news/217/ The flight model is Belsimtek's work and it's up to then to finish it.
  2. Sabre every time. I'm a jet kinda guy though.
  3. I deliberately left out any XF aircraft that didn't make it into production and the F-110 name for the F-4 Phantom wasn't really used and isn't generally considered part of the century series. Same goes for the F-111.
  4. I'm disappointed that Belsimtek have left the F-15 flight model in such an unfinished state for this long. No wing rock, incorrect departure AoA and a tendancy to yaw into crosswinds are just a few of the problems. These issues really should have been addressed in a patch by now.I am worried that with Belsimtek not finishing other modules to what I consider to be a complete standard, these issues will persist and be ignored. The Sabre may be the last module I buy from Belsimtek if they don't add EGT modelling to the Huey and finish the F-15 flight model.
  5. Yep, Whisky for me too. The more modern/capable the better in my opinion.
  6. Why is it necessary to use a different command whilst airborne?
  7. I guess from a historical accuracy point of view, the P-51 was using 72' of boost with 44-1 fuel from June 1944 while the earliest FW 190 D9's (without MW50) didn't come into service until August of the same year.
  8. Currently it only electrically cages the sight when the A-4 sight function lever is in the BOMB position. It should have to be in the GUN position to operate:
  9. Yes, it's in line with the gun sight instead of centred. I've also noticed that you can clip your view through the gun sight as well, which is a bit naff. Other aircraft don't allow your view to clip through parts of the cockpit.
  10. It's the same with guns, bombs and an extra fuel tank in the back. I'd say get the FW 190 for something different.
  11. You have to remember that the P-51 is primarily a high altitude, long range bomber escort. This is where it excels. If you want better climb performance, take less fuel. The Mustang holds a whole lot more than the Dora and in a short range, low altitude fight you won't need it. The Dora is a monster low down and was improved to counter higher altitude threats like the P-51, but it's at its best at low and medium altitudes. I don't feel the aircraft need balancing at all. They both have their advantages and disadvantages just as the real aircraft did. Sound tactics in either aircraft should be enough to triumph over the other at the end of the day.
  12. Which is going to be when exactly? Starting to feel like waiting for the second coming...
  13. Yeah... Belsimtek aren't the most timely when it comes to fixing things. Look at the Huey EGT issue.
  14. I've been flying against the MiG on average pilot setting. Seems to be a decent challenge for me. Maybe a little on the easy side as I always get the kill, but still have to work for it. Makes for a fun dogfight though.
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