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  1. Just wanted to say that I have found what the issue was. When you revert from 2.5 to 1.5.8, the game enables "Use Virtual Headset" option by default. In 1.5.8 it seems it's draining your power, which is strange.
  2. No. I haven't been updating nothing. But I must admit that I experienced the same issue almost 2 months ago. Had 1.5.8 installed. Updated to 2.5 early February. Did not like the performance in certain areas (aforementioned TGP frame-tanking in densely wooded areas and abysmal loading times). Regressed to 1.5.8 and my previous performance issues have been miraculously resolved. Then, a week ago, I upgraded to 2.5 hoping it was optimized better. Saw that it was not [still a resource hog (no pun)]. So I regressed again to 1.5.8. But now, I have the same original issue. 49-51 frames per second in cockpit on the ground during takeoffs, and while looking at certain directions. The strange thing, those frame rate issues present in 1.5.8 are not present in 2.5, yet 2.5 has frame rate issues not present in 1.5.8... ED should just optimize 2.5
  3. Actually did that before I posted this. In fact, I reinstalled fresh. Tried with new, fresh settings and was still getting slow downs. The funny thing is, it happens only when I look in a certain directions, and it's very noticeable in cockpit. Like I said: Ran a 1.5.8, upgraded to 2.5. Then rolled back to 1.5.8 and got slow downs.
  4. Hi. I have been testing the 2.5 upgrade and have found it not to be to my liking (funky visuals, bad frame rate drops while using TGP and flying low over wooded areas), so I rolled back the 1.5.8 version, and I got with ~17% decrease in performance. Let me clarify: Before 2.5 upgrade, my 1.5.8 was working rather swell, but after I rolled back from 2.5, the 1.5.8 got performance hit; 49-51 frames per second, prior to solid 60.
  5. Oh, I owe you guys an apology. I have made a mistake: it's R-60 missile, not R-73.
  6. I am using a whopping 0 mods! And whatever the version the R-73 is, it's useless. "helicopter temperature sign is lower." No way! I thought the decoy flares are just a visual distraction, like a fireworks. "Try to launch your first missile closer" Umm, I get shredded by 2 Mi-24 then.
  7. I fly with Su-25 (not T), I have 2 R-73 Air-to-Air missiles. I see two Mi-24. I fire my R-73 at one helicopter. 80% of the time the missile misses (Mi-24 deploys decoys). 20% of the time the R-73 hits, it doesn't even leave a scratch on the helicopter. Most of the time, I get shot down by a damn helicopter. I remember playing this mission 3 years ago without Mi-24 being titanium-plated. What gives? Help! Note: I am using 1.5.8 version, since 2.5 works horrible.
  8. With all due respect, that which you describe is not modeled in 1.5.8. In 1.5.8. I just have to destroy the radar (there is a radar system + 3 launchers) and I can buzz over the launchers at will. I know what I'm talking about since I did testing with Su-25T in the mission where you have to destroy a Buk system, in both 1.5.8 and 2.5, respectfully.
  9. Too late. I rolled back 1.5.8. I didn't like how my frame rate in 2.5 goes from solid 60 frames per second to 40 when I use TGP/shkval to spot the targets in distance. Also, get this: in 2.5, the BUK SAM locks on and shoots missiles at me even after I destroy its radar.
  10. It does not work. DCS does not recognize Nvidia Control Panel tweaks.
  11. Wow! 2.5 improved some performance issues I had, but overall, it works awful. From 60 fps it drops inexplicably to 40-44. When in the woods, it goes to 30! And TGP and shkval are frame killers. Is it because it's beta or just awful optimization, or both, hmm...
  12. What happened? The last time I played tut ung bombs, it was there and worked like a charm; now this?! Give me a break.
  13. Got it! And I survived!! It's tricky and risky but it IS doable.
  14. Well, if you really must know, I'm agnostic theist.
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