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  1. There are instant gratification (dogfight) servers available in many sims. DSC is unique because of the realism that requires one to start their aircraft, taxi to the active, take off, perform the mission and land. Skill in flying is all of these things and more such as formations as well as performing combat manuvers. There will never be airstarts in full real servers. It makes no sense. Back to the original posters question about MP, In our squad that flys allot of CloD and some BoS, it's mostly about two things. 1. the LOD or spotting problem currently in DCS World. Without icons (which again would never be in a full real server) it is very difficult to spot and ID unless very close. Fingers crossed that this is addressed in World 2.0 2. Server numbers being able to support relatively high numbers such as the 80-100 that Cliffs can currently support. For Squad based players these numbers are needed for realistic campaigning against human pilots and squads. If DCS World 2.0 can accomplish those two items they will be the go to sim for MP action. Again fingers crossed as the flight models are second to none and deserve these two most importent "fixes".
  2. Where was the announcement stating 2-3 weeks more? Just curious as I have not seen it.
  3. Nice AG, thanks for that. Since the images that were in my kneeboard were already png's I just copied and pasted those I wanted to keep into the new folder. The key is to remove (or copy) the folder first before creating the new group.
  4. Thanks for this AG. Really well thought out and very cool. Does this replace any kneeboard folder in Saved games or just add to it? For instance I have Uboats kneeboard folder in saved games currently. Should I delete this or leave it to be added too?
  5. Is there a folder for the 109 and if so what is the proper nomenclature?
  6. Oh man do "I want the Mig!" Was in a F86-F Sabre on the runway and a Mig 21 landed over the top of me! It was increadible to see it flare. It's a rocket with T-Rex wings. ;-)
  7. Sorry if someone has already reported this bug but I could not find it so here it is. It seems like if you take any hits at all from a foe (or flak) the prop pitch is the first thing to stop working both manual and automatic. It will just stuck where it was when it "broke". While this may be realistic in some scenerios it is not when it happens everytime or when you take one or two rounds on the wings. Again, if this had already been mentioned, I appologise.
  8. I like them both to be honest. The Kurfurst just appeals to me as a blood and guts fighter and is allot of fun to fight in. My Squad has always flown 109's also so it feels very familiar. Obviously the Dora is much more refined and advanced in design. I love the sound of the Jumo 213 (thanks Diveplane) but would truely love an A8 version of the 190.
  9. Malta and North Africa, the Pacific would really be a big undertaking but quite cool if the aircraft were available. That said David Red's idea is appealing since we could follow Germany's advance through Poland and east and/or in Italy too.
  10. I don't think so. You would need to assign a wingman to a client plane (2of 2).
  11. I wonder if it's because I'm using the zoom out slow in view versus zoom out in cockpit?
  12. Rider, I tried this but it did not seem to effect the zoom out point? I don't have the open beta but followed the same path to the server lua and changed line 21 in notepad++ to 110 but it still seems to zom out just as far with the fisheye effect. What am I doing wrong? Anybody?
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