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  1. haven't played in a few days and I downloaded the second latest today and now the latest. I must have done it before the patch came out :s
  2. I have this problem too (and created a thread in the Multiplayer section of the Bug Reports), happening to every plane that is flyable for me :(
  3. Hey there, a few friends and I are having trouble playing MP at the moment as every player is showing as an Su-27 but when pressing ' they show as the aircraft they selected whether it be F-15, BF-109, whatever. On the map they show as the Drawing Pin with no details as to heading, altitude and speed. When cycling through the F2 view when testing, they did not show up here. Just wondering of anyone else is having this as of 1.2.14? All of this is on an install without mods (after disabling them in JSGME). Any help would be fantastic!
  4. It works for me anyways, it's based on the same way you fixed the Rafale. I did this to a few others of the S77th collection :)
  5. I've already sorted the entry.lua for the Super Tomcat, I will attach it in this post. entry.lua
  6. Yeah :) Thanks to the lua that you posted before, I also went through and fixed a few others :) However, other flyables will just CTD.
  7. Managed to fix the F14D, FA18D, FA18C, Gripen and F4E. When I try to fly the Eurofighter as well as others the game just crashes out, tried fixing these with no success :(
  8. I'm aware :) I don't think the S77th will update them though :(
  9. In the S77th Pack, Eurofighter, F14D, FA-18D (Su27 Pit w/ Su25T avionics), JAS 39, Rafale, F4E, FA18C (Su27 Pit w/ Su33 avionics) Will edit this if there are any more broken ones that I discover. EDIT: It's pretty much all of the flyables I have, including MiG 31 and F-15E outside of the S77th pack.
  10. Lastest update broke all of them for me :(
  11. anyone able to fix that giant modset from the S77th that popped up around here some time ago? :music_whistling:
  12. I had another look at the mission in multiplayer, it seems that the CAP flights also spawn on the ramp whereas in the editor they spawn on the runway and take off two at a time. Attached is the mission and script. GCICAPtestmission.miz GCICAP20140908.lua
  13. Hey there, I'm a complete idiot when it comes to scripts but I'm trying to learn how to use them. I have the latest edit of the GCI/CAP script running perfectly in the editor, but whenever I bring it into multiplayer it doesn't work as it should (like in the editor). It will endlessly spam CAP flights instead of using the limit that I've set, which is 5. Could this just be a bug with the way DCS spawns in the units?
  14. Pre-Purchased, looking forward to flying the MiG, great job LN! :D
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