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  1. If I remember correctly, on receipt ( in Scotland ) of Flightstick, Desk mount and single extension I was charged approximately £25 Import tax. Sorry but can’t remember exact amount but certainly less than £30.
  2. Hope they arrive soon for you, but I guess you have more important things on your mind at this moment, stay safe!
  3. New cams (although not sparkly and shiny) fitted, really pleased, gobsmacked at performance improvement. Look forward to feedback from other actual product purchasers with new cams - hoping they see similar improvements!
  4. If necessary, pack out the underside of the desk (add a piece of wood between underside of table and clamp) to achieve required depth.....
  5. Excellent news, many thanks for update!
  6. I received shipping notification on Tuesday 18th July and product was eventually recalled from Belarus Customs for re-work on Friday 21st July. I guess Belarus Customs must have either a massive backlog to catch up on or are slow to process goods (Virpil product left lying around for between 1 to 4 days untouched). I can only assume that product shipping this week (post re-work) will go through the same Belarus Customs processes and procedures as previously and will likely incur similar time delays...... or maybe worse. I guess the delay may not just be Virpil's fault - we can only cross our fingers and hope for prompt action from both parties.
  7. Notification received, many thanks!
  8. Thanks for the update, I look forward to receiving it...
  9. Thank you for the update, not long now to go!
  10. Thanks for the detail, appreciated!
  11. Welcome home! Good news regarding revised shipping date. I look forward to hearing more about recent decisions made at VPC HQ and future plans for the company. Out of curiosity are we allowed to know the exact nature of the issue that prevented the end of May shipping date?
  12. Hi Tane, many thanks for the update, truly appreciated! A lot happier now given your news, I look forward to receiving full update from Cyph3r..
  13. Base and BE grip ordered. Mailed VPC_Solway (BoX - Russian forum) yesterday, requesting urgent update - nothing heard...
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