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  1. We have seen multiple times (e.g. with the Hind) that the OP is completely unwilling (or unable) to listen to the advice given, so trying to help him is simply a waste of time.
  2. Yay CGI. Exactly what every sequel to a bad eighties film needs...
  3. None of the examples you mentioned were developed by Boeing. Both the AH-64 and the F/A-18 were inherited from McDonnell-Douglas after the merger.
  4. "How do I shoot down jets with my AH-64?" is about as dumb a question as if I asket how I can land my Mitsubishi Colt on an aircraft carrier(after all, several Mitsubishis have done so). People need to realize that Fire Birds isn't a documentary.
  5. https://forum.dcs.world/topic/283832-remove-upturned-exhaust-ir-suppressors/?do=getNewComment
  6. The big question is: who has the nicest mag? The CPG or pilot?
  7. A gentleman is a man who can play the accordion, but choses not to.
  8. I have been looking around the cockpit in the model viewer, and the level of detail of the M4 model is impressive (maybe even a bit excessive). Even parts that are invisible from the outside (like the top cartridge in the magazine and the locking lugs on the barrel extension/bolt) are modelled. Now let's just wait for some rivet counter to complain about that the primer is too large, and that the barrel extension is rotated 22,5° CCW
  9. Switching your stable install to open beta will consume a marginal ammount of disc space compared to the update you need to download to get the Apache.
  10. To be fair, that looks better than every single film Michael Bay ever directed.
  11. The best way of using an SA80 is probably dropping it on the enemy from high altitude
  12. ...and the area between Ein Shemer (which is basically as far south the detailed part if the map currently goes) and the and the Negev desert is famously completely empty, devoid of all signs of population?
  13. https://www.airliners.net/photo/Germany-Air-Force/Mikoyan-Gurevich-MiG-29G-9-12A/1112742/L?qsp=eJwljbEOwjAQQ//FcwdaBCrZYEcw8AOnyxUilSS6XCWqqv9OKJv9LNsLOEWTjz3mLHAoQsovNMik9C5wCygoKw12pTgNxDapKFx36JvanaLpDNceTg3GxGQhxWq7XV9BSWqXmsKTyZlZsonHn9/U/2bgpfB296z3bRWi901jf6zch5JH2jbEKIxY1y9Q/Tsb
  14. https://mobile.twitter.com/DAlperovitch/status/1499640226481901570?cxt=HHwWhMC45eW15c8pAAAA
  15. While the coordinates don't match the AIP, the location of the 3d mdoel for the DVOR, and the beacon entry for the DME, isn't that far off what it should be referenced to airport features like runway thresholds etc. The beacons.lua entry for the DVOR is, of course, totally wrong, and should be placed where the 3d model (and the DME) is. Google earth measurements show that the DVOR is located ~135m offset from a point ~670m along the extended centerline on RWY31L (measured from the threshold). The same measurements in the mission editor are 128m and 629m. So it's close enough if you're using the DVOR+DME to find the airport for a non-precision landing. That being said, the beacons for the PG map have been a mess from day one, with invalid ILS frequencies (fixed now?), missing ILS from Abu Dhabi, Ras Al Kaimah and Al Bateen, etc.
  16. Ok, so you want ED to stop referring to future features by their actual names because you don't know what they mean yet? What do you suggest that they do instead? Dumb it down to "the clicky-go-boom-boom-switch" or similar nonsense?
  17. He's referring to secret alien technology that only he knows about. TL;DR: ignore everything Subs writes. Don't give him the attention he craves.
  18. 1. Google how to activate (or install) windows dvr / Xbox game bar. 2. Record video. 3. Upload it. 4. Someone here will tell you what you are doing wrong.
  19. As multiple people have mentioned already: if you are using the ECLs at all, you're doing something wrong. Go through the startup procedure step by step, and make sure you actually understand what the different steps mean. The fact that you confused the engine stop (fuel cutoff) levers in the checklist with the ECLs indicates that you haven't taken the time to actually learn what the different cockpit controls do.
  20. You are not damaging your turbines by flying low, firing weapons, hovering etc without dust protection on. Hovering IGE and OGE with a heavily overloaded Mi-24 (115% of MTOW) is not a problem. If your generators are cutting, it is most likely because you still haven't understood how to use the throttle correctly. Record a video of your startup procedure following the instructions given earlier.
  21. Recording via the Windows DVR is pretty foolproof. Just start the game, press Win+G, and the record button on the OSD when it appears. Demonstrate your startup procedure, and then click the stop button on the OSD to finish recording. The video is saved in C:\Users\[username]\Videos\Captures, and can be uploaded directly to the tube.
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