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  1. Just ordered my Reverb today, so stoked. Should have it by next week I hope. Upgrading from a CV1. Hoping for a fairly massive improvement in clarity!
  2. Lovely project idea, I'd be eager to help in any way I can (though probably not much). I know there are some people on the HOTAS discord DIY channel thinking about force feedback gimbal design but I haven't seen any conrete designs or proposals yet.
  3. I'm as hopeful for the A-6E as for the J-35 Draken. Both are (AI) models in production and I can't help thinking they probably got some good specs on both of those birds. The Draken is a good fit with the viggen and a natural opponent for the MiG-19 and 21. The A-6E is a great companion to the Tomcat and good fit for DCS, the depth of the systems is probably right up Heatblurs alley. I'm sort of leaning more towards the Draken really because it must be easier to make than the avionics heavy Intruder - and it looks so bad ass.
  4. Well played sir, and great video. I'm not a fan of the CE2 myself but I can appreciate it's qualities
  5. The Corsair stuff is just insanely good looking! Might be the first warbird I pick up for DCS!
  6. Absolutely brilliant. Gotta say I will probably pick this up day 1, which I hadn't expected to. This will be a nice change of pace from the Hornet!
  7. It looks kinda weird to have the Magic missile straight on the pylon without launch rails. WIP? Can't wait to get home and try the cc.
  8. Well yes, the book gives a clear picture that this is based on analysis of Iranian pilots. Still, before someone interviews a senior engineer of this project we will not know for sure. Or are there more definitive sources available to the French speaking?
  9. Tom Cooper's book Iranian F14 Tomcat units in combat claims the EQ6 variant was R530D capable and that indeed the Iraqis scored three kills with it on the closing moments of the war. Indeed there was tremendous development of the Iraqi f.1 variants from EQ 1 to 6, I believe the French/Dassault used this contract to test their latest stuff. So that they would like to combat prove the 530D is logical. Additionally, the Iraqi mirages were second to none in capability, like Exocet, As20L, advanced rwr etc
  10. The SAAF fielded both the F.1cz and AZ variant, where the CZ was an interceptor/fighter capable of fielding two Magics and two R.530 sarh missiles.These missiles were by all accounts quite worthless. The CZ also had a Cyrano IV radar while the AZ attack variant had not. It instead had a moving map type display in the cockpit and more advanced ground attack avionics. The Mirage f.1 was definitely a 3rd gen fighter. There was a pitch to mate the airframe to a modern turbofan like the Snecma m53 or Rd-33, in both cases the performance gains were substantial, with electronics upgrades would have easily made the f 1 equivalent to a fourth gen.
  11. Fantastic! Looking forward to seeing the various cool middle eastern paintjobs!
  12. Afaik only the Iraqi EQ 5 and 6 variants carried the exocet. These also sported advanced rwr and generally more advanced avionics than other f.1 variants. They could also carry the much improved m530D sarh missile. Detailed specs on these late Iraqi birds are hard to come by, though I am sure there are some engineers over at Dassault that knows :)
  13. Really looking forward to this module, always liked the lines of the 19. F-8 crusader would be a cool opponent *wink wink* Gotta say the cold war era has huge appeal to me and I know I'm not alone
  14. I know this question has come up before in this thread but I have some questions about cables I've been wondering 1) Should every single cable be shielded, or is it only longer stretches of cables that need to be shielded? 2) What is a good type of single shielded cable (preferably with some kind of international name) 3) How long cables can you get away with, provided you use shielded cables of a reasonable thickness? Is 0,5m fine? 4) I wanted to use a single Arduino to drive both my rudder pedals and joystick gimbal as they are permanently attached to my home cockpit, but for ease of service I thought it might be a good idea to use female DB15 vga connectors close to the sensors and running VGA cables of appropriate length from the device to the Arduino. From my understanding VGA cables are shielded? Or is there a better cable type?
  15. Those look cool, but I am not at all familiar with this kind of damper, is the damping linear?
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