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  1. Thanks for the reply. Yeah I was in F-14-a, wings out, hook up to cat.... I regularly get it to work but I made my own mission and it just won't let me go. Does any one even know what the "no go" signal means. He wave it back and forward.
  2. I have been playing with the Super carrier offline. Much more to it than I expected. But the Yellow shirt Director works fine till my plane is ready for launch and then won't give the sign to spin up t he engine. He instead waves a no go signal with he hand low back and forth. This signal is not even in the Docs... What can I do? Salute , shift U, don't work and no explanation of why.
  3. Gee I hadn't even considered that possibility that it is deliberately limited. I assume that kind of limiting is usually in elevator but I don't know that with any certainty. I did some practice offline against an AI F-5E and I see that in a typical manoeuvring fight I am often slowed down enough that the rudder isn't totally locked up the way it is when flying straight at top speed. So it's not as bad as I thought in practice. Still it is hard to aim the gun at high speed.
  4. I'm aiming with my eyes only. I haven't worked out the radar ranging. My shooting is generally quite good in most planes. But I tend too like flying with rudder rolls at high alpha. Flying a plane where I can't to that means I gotta learn to aileron roll to shoot I guess. It is normal for the rudder to practically lock up at high speed in the mig 19 isn't it?
  5. I'm trying to spend a bit of time in the Farmer on Cold war server. I want to like the plane but the lack of rudder authority at typical fighting speeds really makes it hard to aim those cannons. The rudder works fine at low speeds but once I am high sub sonic where I need to be to fight I can barely aim. So is this because the rudder has no hydraulic booster like the ailerons do. I assume that's what happening. Anyone know of real life sources saying the rudder is that bad? Am I doing something wrong? Did I forget to press the switch that makes the rudder work? Did the Russians pilots do leg press for training?
  6. I hadn't realised the r530 was meant for killing bombers. That makes sense. I was thinking of this F1 as a rival of the Mig23 but a closer look at the specs reveal that the F1 only has engine power closer to the Mig21. And the Mig21 bis has emergency AB on top. So this will more typically be flown with 2 or 4 Sidewinders if the r530 are not gonna do much against low flying fighters opponent. Heaters, guns and burners. Perfect for Cold war servers. I love that the F1 can fly on red or blue with historical authenticity. Iraqi skins and can red get a new plane.
  7. I'm a fan of bad missiles in DCS. I love a fight where both sides launch multiple missiles and they all miss or are decoyed and the fight goes from longer range missiles, to short range missiles, to guns... Longer fights with lots of weapons deployed are great for game play. Compare that to both sides launching a single BVR Fox3 and going evasive and then both die anyway... How good or bad are the regular 530 compared to the Super 530? How do they compare to the Soviet R23 Mig 23 carried.
  8. Hey guys I like the bit where he asks if it's two more weeks and gets slapped in the face
  9. It tells me the fix is broken. I can't open it.
  10. Thanks for the reply. So this is working correctly it seems. I have most of them. It seems to have tripled in size even though I haven't added any new modules. AT least I know it's working correctly now.
  11. I couldn't get the updater to work and eventually I realised that there was not enough space on the SSD for the installation and the download folder within DCS file structure to download the update. So I put DCS on a 500 gig SSD that also has IL2X installed. It had over 120 gig free space, even that was not enough and I had to move it to a 1TB SSD. This is absurd. How big is the DCS folder supposed to be with most of the modules ? 280 gig is what I am seeing now I got it updated to open beta
  12. I just had this happen twice in a row, on final online. Tried testing it off line and nothing went wrong. Is this multiplayer only ?
  13. Just letting you know slider. My problem is definitely a broken SSD... Good luck problem solving yours.
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