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  1. We have people here giving us informed opinions... It would be nice if someone from the ED team responded at the same level, not like this. All I'm saying is elaborate; we really want to know more.
  2. With the latest update gone are our high g turns. However I feel concerned with the 12G limit, the plane instantly breaks apart at that point. While the F-15 can be taken there for a while(and even to 13G with CAS off). At least do it for both frames for the sake of realism and fairness.
  3. In the recent patches AMRAAMs have gotten progressively hard to evade. I am facing the following problems: (This is for shots within 15km) -Chaff is completely ineffective. I had infinite weapons enabled and chaffed like crazy while notching to no avail. -Notching is very specific. You have to be completely perpendicular with zero relative speed (which is dangerous if the notch fails) -Pulling into the missile is not as effective as the missiles seem to be faster now. Even with the G-limiter off (only W) I can only evade the missile by pulling hard enough to blackout. The problem is compounded by the fact that AMRAAMS are reaching speeds of 4100km/h in tacview vs the R-27ER's 3600km/h. The longer range advantage is thrown out of the window as the aim-120C will be there already by the door step by the time the ER is in midflight. I understand that one shouldn't get himself into this position, but given the short range of BVR missiles this situation becomes an inevitability.
  4. Thank you for the reply, I am asking about the numbers that appear next to the targets. There is no mention of them in the manual. I do believe that represent the altitudes, not sure though.
  5. When in BVR mode the hdd shows numbers next to the targets, what do those numbers represent?
  6. Yep, nothing has changed. You still have to apply the breaks for a second over and over. Holding it will most certainly cause a blowout even below 40kmph
  7. The Su-27 doesn't carry external fuel, the command is for external stores. The auto-pilot is bugged right now, you have to trim properly before activating it and maintain a speed above 600kmph.
  8. It would really be great if someone would post a bug report. Maybe someone with high rep so it'll be looked at.
  9. I'm not saying that, switching the ACS off is only for when the systems fails or acts up. If anything it'll put you at a higher risk of losing. You can't really switch on like you do in DCS, in RL you have to idle so you can see the switch(which is really not good). Extending is the better option but losing all your energy shouldn't be a reliable tactic. I can't for the sake of me however understand why it works in DCS.
  10. Don't get me started on how some RL tactics go down the drain. Just one great example is dogfighting in the Su-27 without disengaging ACS. Some people are more than happy to do loops at speeds of 400km/h , its really annoying. It seems that the community is divided into two types of people: The ones that are concerned with RL tactics and systems, and the other group which admittedly play the sim as a game. The later group treating it like a FPS. You can't really dictate how each person plays. Just try joining servers that have the type of players you're fine with. (Hopefully until many of the exploits get patched)
  11. I was looking at the Su-27 vs F-15 graph. By the look of it,the Su-27 turns better in a pure sustained turn at speeds lower than 700km/h . However I've seen posts that mostly say that the F-15 should be kept at around 400knots in a sustained turn. At such speeds the F-15 should out turn the Su-27(which suppose is performing its best sustained turn). Why is this not so? I there a g-limit in the graph that I am ignoring?
  12. Thank you so much for this! I am using it with my ipad. I can't get the radar screen to work:( when I print screen only one monitor shows up Edit: It actually does. Measured the size of the HDD screen. Still see a portion of my desktop:( Edit2: It works, I forgot to change my screen dimensions
  13. Can anyone make a g-breath mod from this video: [ame] [/ame] I'm having a hard time editing the parts and understanding how to cut them to make it sound good :helpsmilie:
  14. This isn't exactly what I was pointing at. If the stick is pushed forward as in the video, after the nose levels it will continue moving downward. Glad you like it :D
  15. I was watching this video where a pilot performs a cobra. He first pulls the stick and then when maximum aoa is reached he forces it down all the way until the nose starts going down and then pulls the stick slightly backwards. When attempting this in DCS the plane's nose falls to rapidly. Should this be reported as a bug? It feels like one of the reasons the aircraft has troubles pointing its nose in game.
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