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  1. Thank you for the heads up, it should be back up now.
  2. Each team has a primary Strike target marked on the F10 map, photos available in your kneeboard. In addition you can find a wide variety of targets by actually going out and flying recon. There are truck parks, convoys, armored vehicles, bunkers. Some heavily defended, some not. Read the Blue and Red briefings for more info. Blue team also has CAS missions tasked via radios, Red team can intercept enemy transport aircraft.
  3. I recommend using zoom a lot more liberally than you describe. Picking one FOV that feels life-like isn't going to cut it, the Zoom is a tool you use to compensate for the natural difficulties of spotting on a 2D monitor, that is true for any sim. You should ideally bind it to an axis and get comfortable going from min to max and anywhere in between instantly, and you should do so frequently. Personally I have it set to my Track IR Z axis. Of course, when I fly VR, I rely on zoom much less, and make it work anyhow. See above. BTW, don't be afraid to padlock on the bandit. You can, will, and should lose a fair degree of SA. When you're offensive, the wingman watches your 6, you watch the bandit. Reduce risk by keeping speed high, and finishing fight quickly. I am not a real pilot, and I certainly have never merged with a MiG-15 at .9 mach, but Frederick Blesse did, and he says: "One glance away is enough to make you kick yourself for 10 years." (NGNG) I feel that this is well-represented in the server at current and that the label-mod would tip the scales too far in the other direction.
  4. No label mod. 1) The label mod can be seen through your instrument panel. Spotting bogeys through your altimeter is silly. You deserve better! 2) Cons are fairly low in the server and easily accessible to these jets. Some players are afraid of flying in cons, because of a misunderstanding of tactical use of contrails for this period. In the real Korean War, MiGs and Sabres would both fly in the contrails specifically because they wanted to find and try to destroy each other. And when they wanted to be sneaky, they would often fly above the cons. I recommend both these tactics on the server, they work very well. 3) If you do want to be sneaky below cons, be sneaky below cons, but don't complain if you have trouble finding other players down there. 4) These are small planes flying very fast; it provides a unique challenge for maintaining sight. So if you are new to MiG vs Sabre PvP and are bad at it for a few months, that's fairly normal. Note that the Sabre is naturally easier to spot than the MiG because of its more pronounced smoke trail. If you are losing your bandit after a merge or when he goes below cons, that means you are getting too far away, or you didn't maneuver to keep sight-- keep your speed in turns, get close, and stay padlocked on him. 5) Fly with a wingman, in a formation with good mutual visibility, and you will never worry about spotting in a Sim ever again, DCS or otherwise, VR or 2D monitor. Worry less about distant dots, and more about covering and supporting your wingman. Any bogey lost in the distance is No Factor. Any bogey you spot on your 6 will be easy prey.
  5. You can check the Squadron Directory at the top of this very forum: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=34062 Sounds like you have the right idea, pick a squadron that specializes in aircraft you're most interested in, and go for it. Team flying will beat hours in the mission editor every time. Good luck!
  6. Heads up: I have posted a poll on whether or not you guys would like to see WW2 Assets on the server. Some of you have asked me to include WW2 assets, others prefer that I don't, so I would like to gauge the numbers to help me make the right decision. Vote in this thread: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=218921 This poll is for information purposes only, to help me make the right call, and I will carefully weigh all options before making any changes to the server.
  7. Hi all, I run the KOREA! 1952 Sabre vs MiG-15 server. As I continue to work on the mission, I have a decision to make: whether or not to stick with the standard Caucasus assets, or include the WW2 assets. Advantages / Disadvantages of this are listed below, but in making a choice, your feedback will be helpful. Note, this poll is not a referendum on the Asset Pack in general-- it is intended only for those that already play on the server, or are interested in doing so. If you never fly the F-86 / MiG-15 or other old warbirds online, please do not respond to this poll. Advantages of adding the Asset Pack: B-17s with working gunners instead of the placeholder C-130s. Hunting bombers would be a much more challenging & fun task for MiG players. Flak at the airfields / ground targets. Ground units much closer to period-appropriate for 1950s. More immersive in general. Disadvantages: Those who haven't purchased the Asset Pack will be unable to join the server.
  8. Your team color is decided by which plane you fly the most. At this time I cannot separate the stats. If you’d rather be Blue you’ll just have to rack up more hours in the Sabre. : ) Only PvP kills and PvP deaths are tracked, as determined by SLmod.
  9. It's simply the SLmod stats file; lots of interesting info in there, the website parses out the most relevant ones from the file. I had SLmod up and running for a long time, just took a while to get the website sorted out. -- In Other News: The Yak-52 has been added to the Red team, and can be used for recon. Although given its cruise speed of 143 mph, this is definitely a task for the more patient DCS pilots! This brings the current planeset to: F-86 P-51 TF-51 Spitfire (stand-in for Seafire) MiG-15 Yak-52 (stand-in for Po-2) Fw-190 (stand-in for Yak-9) Recon missions can be performed in any plane. Search enemy territory for hidden ground units-- record their grid coordinates, elevation, and take a screenshot of the target. Then post your target info to the #recon channel for your respective coalition, on the KOREA! Discord. This will allow other players to plan & task Strike missions based on your targets. BDA (Bomb Damage Assessment) photos can also be posted to these channels following a Strike. NOTE: currently there is only one active "day" of the campaign, but in future, it will be important to record the mission date when you snapped the photo, as targets will appear in different locations on different days.
  10. Long overdue feature, but Stats for KOREA! are finally here! www.korea1952.com This is a simple Stats page that tracks your PvP kills, PvP losses, and A2G kills. It also displays your most-flown aircraft, and color-codes you by coalition accordingly. Rank is calculated simply by Kills minus Deaths. I hope this will encourage people to fly cautiously; 10 kills are great, but if you have 12 deaths, you will have a negative score, and ranked lower than the pilot with 2 kills and 0 deaths. (A2G kills are not currently factored in rank) These stats reflect player action for the last few months. At the end of this month, I will reset the stats to give everybody a chance to fly their best. The page is currently updated irregularly, so if you don't see your latest kill, don't worry, it's been recorded and will be tabulated by next day at latest. I will be working on increasing the refresh rate of the stats page in the coming days. NOTE: The stats page uses your most-recently-added screenname. More server news & updates coming soon!
  11. For my DCS YouTube channel, check my sig for the link. Like & subscribe & all that. = )
  12. Not yet. It's kind of the last "cherry on the top" feature after I have everything else back in place. My DCS time is somewhat split between A) 39th squadron B) making videos C) working on server, but I'm just about done with a new video, so will have some time to do a lot of work on the server shortly.
  13. Was having issues with the mission Rotate, have tried fixing it. Should be online now. The server is open for business on the OpenBeta; haven't made a big announcement or anything yet as many features are still missing, the mission is still work in progress. But it's available for dogfighting & ground attack in the meantime. Should be up 24/7 from now on. Please check the in-game Briefing (L ALT +B) for up to date information on mission. While the "Tower" is being rebuilt, please use SimpleRadio to announce all take-offs and landings.
  14. SERVER NEWS, 5/9/18 * For those that missed the notice, the server is running on DCS Release version 2.5.0. * Some new features have gradually been added to the server over the past month. In-game Briefings have been updated accordingly. To recap: STRIKE TARGETS Both sides now have Strike Missions. As opposed to CAS or Armed Recon, Strike targets will be heavily defended, and require heavy ordnance and/or multiple flights working together to destroy. These will put your tactics & A2G skills to the test. Note that some targets, such as bunkers, can only be destroyed by bombs. To confirm the status of a Strike target, tune to the appropriate frequency, then use your F10 'Other' Radio Menu: BLUE: Call "BOSTON: Strike" on CH.2. Bomb Damage Assesment (BDA) available during mission on CH. 15. RED: Call "PLAAF HQ" on W# 166. BDA on same frequency. If the Strike target is active, the controller will give you a Mission number. Look up the corresponding Target Briefs either in your Kneeboard (right-Shift K, scroll back), or in your coalition's Target Archive online: BLUE Strike Target Archive: RED Strike Target Archive: Sample BLUE Target Brief: As you can see, all the information you need to plan an effective Strike flight is available. Positions of targets and AAA are marked, and Target Altitude, Location from Bullseye, MGRS coordinates, and other details are provided. However, it's up to you to decide how best to approach & attack the target, and rally enough wingmen to get the job done. Sample RED Target Brief: Note that Red team measurements are given in meters & kilometers rather than feet & nautical miles. All information is clearly discernible from the Target Brief, but English translations are available in the Target Archive, if desired. Different targets may be tasked on different days. If the day's target has already been destroyed, ground control will advise when you call. There are currently only 2 possible Strike missions per team, but more will be added going forward. ARCHER (S.A.C. ESCORT MISSIONS) In the same way that MiGs can call for Intercept missions, Sabres can now call for Escort missions. Controller ARCHER on CH. 14 will give you a Rendezvous point & altitude. Once on station, call ARCHER again to rendezvous with a massive bomber group. However, you need at least 3 fighters on station for an Escort mission, otherwise the bomber group will be diverted. Wing up with your friends! Massed bomber formations will attempt to attack the primary Red airfield at Antung. Any MiGs at the airfield will receive scramble alerts, and be vectored by Intercept to the bombers. If enough bombers are destroyed, the attack will be thwarted. VARIABLE WEATHER Variable Weather is finally starting to be implemented. Weather conditions (clouds, wind, precipitation, temperature) will rotate daily. There are currently only a small number of weather variations, but more will be added over time. As usual, all is work in progress. If you encounter any mission bugs, please message SeaQuark.
  15. Hi Speed, this is all great to hear. Joint-squadron operations is exactly what I hoped for when creating this server. The 39th would be happy to coordinate missions with you. Just today we did a Strike mission, and we commented how useful it would be to have an extra flight performing CAP ahead of us. Send me a private forum message, or say hello on the 39th squadron Discord channel: https://discord.gg/2GsgPjW Let's find a time to talk shop & figure out best way to coordinate. Server is currently on Release version, 2.5.0, yes. We will likely stay on Release going forward, barring exceptional circumstances. I will post a News bulletin here with updated server information shortly.
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